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Mike Havok

Mike Havok
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Unknown

Mentor(s): Axem Keigoku

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Erue


Mike has a great ability to understand other’s minds and thoughts. He also understands the full aspects of dark and light sides which he gained through his past experiences. He strives to teach others the shortsightedness in the the corrupting ways of the dark side and the true power and harmony of the light.


Mike started out with an understanding of the force but did not know what to do with this enlightenment. He befriended a man of great power and skill in hopes to learn more about his abilities. However, he soon learned that although this man himself was very powerful, he was also very corrupt. This man followed the teachings of the dark side and shortly began to form a powerful group. This group was formed on the basis of deceit and corruption, thus leading to it’s inevitable demise.

After going through great struggles with the anger and hatred brought on from the dark side, Mike sought the harmony and serenity that comes from light side of the Force. He soon met a powerful Jedi named Axem Keigoku.

Through Master Keigoku’s teachings he soon learned that his past understandings of the Force were not entirely clear and that the light was the true path to inner peace. With Master Keigoku’s help Mike was turned into a very wise Jedi, now with understandings of both the light and dark side of the Force.

After successfully passing his Trials, Mike took on his own student; A somewhat older apprentice named Erue. Mike successfully took Erue to the ends of his abilities and showed him his true power and might as a Jedi.

Soon after seeing his apprentice Erue become a Jedi Knight, confusion and conflict began to grow within. Not wishing to taint the Academy and the others with potential actions of malice, Mike decided to leave and find his own way in the galaxy.

He drifted for some time constantly battling for his inner peace. Visions of his former corrupt Master were growing stronger and he decided he must confront him for the last time. He searched and found his old Mentor and explained to him his desire for peace and harmony and that his true path was in fact guided by the light side of the Force. He further explained that he wished no hostility but that if he ever were provoked he would be sure to finish him once and for all.

After freeing himself from the binds of the dark side and his old Master, Mike searched out his old apprentice Erue. By this time Erue had become a Jedi Master and a member of the Council. After a thorough discussion, Erue gladly welcomed him back to the Academy to continue his role as Jedi Knight and Teacher. After long last Mike’s purpose is clear… To grow the serenity within himself and to hold dear the will of the Force.

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