JEDI HoloNet

Miila Vai

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Zelos II

Mentor(s): Jerex Sol

Species: Zelosian


Miila Vai was born to high nobility on Zelos II along with her twin brother Dorian Vai in 338 ABY. Her parents were the proud owners of one of the planet’s most successful mining networks which brought great wealth into their household, however, it also meant that they were rarely home with their children and thus, Miila and Dorian were by and large raised by a long list of house servants.
The lack of real authority figures in her life caused Miila to start developing a terrible attitude from a very young age; Arrogant, rude and demanding, she became a nightmare for the help and a constant nuisance to her brother.
Finally, 342 ABY came, and in it’s third cycle the Vais hosted a Jedi diplomat in their home during a lengthy business dispute regarding the price of raw ores. During his stay, the Jedi learned that both of the Vai children were strong in the force, and by the end of the negotiations, he’d convinced the Vais to allow a recruiter to take both Miila and Dorian to Ossus . . .