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Metan Nivaul

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Iridonia

Mentor(s): Vara'lkori'sabosen

Species: Zabrak


Metan, a Zabrak male, was born and raised on the harsh planet of Iridonia. His parents, poor as they were, lived on a farmhouse; trying as best as they could to make ends meet. Metan also had a brother named Kaso. The two grew up together and, inseparable as they were, they would both lay down their lives for one another.

At the age of Seven, Metan decided that the current life that he was conceived in was not sufficient for their needs. They both decided as a inseparable team to devise their own life. The two brothers were soon approached by an established party of infamous Marauders inside of an deserted building. During this unforeseen time the two brothers were sentenced to an execution from one of the feeble bandits, But the dominant man of the group stopped anyone from harming the two brothers. That dominant man, known as Noth. Noth has became a mentor towards the two children, Disciplining them as well as rewarding them. The two brothers came to realize that Noth is the father they have never obtained by birth.

At the age of eight, Noth started training Metan the arts of their native Martial Arts. Metan, who had an affection to fighting easily started to pick up the maneuvers easily. Noth has created a private fighter just for himself. Metans brother started stealing from the poor although they were mentored to steal from the wealthy they determined that they will conclude their problems with a fight. Metan, who trained more than his brother evidently had the upper hand and gained the upper hand in the fight leaving him bloody and upset. This action cause Metans brother to leave the bandits and live for himself.

By the age of nine the Bandit group disbanded leaving only Metan and Noth together. Their relationship continued to grow after they have established themselves inside the city of Wortan. Metan started calling Noth and his wife Eema, Aunt and Uncle. Metan at this point was at a decline of feelings. In just one years Metan has became anxious of his brother wondering how is his well being.

Just two days before his tenth birthday Noth, and his wife Eema; were approached by a hooded man with long robes. He advised Noth to send Metan on a transport ship bound for Rannon, The Spaceport at Kenzie. Noth agreed because of the information that the man gave him of Metans ability of becoming a Jedi. Afraid and alone, Metan started heading towards the exit until he was stopped by a cloaked man. The man approached him and convinced Metan to follow him. Although Metan was taught to trust no one, This man felt different… He felt like he can trust him. The man escorted him from the space station to the Jedi Temple of Rannon, Where he is located now amongst his newly made friends.