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Narael Undine

Narael Undine
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Arumorut, Vlemoth Port

Mentor(s): Zakarie Di'Vosk, Drax

Species: Cathar

Padawan(s): Xintr Wolfe, Zaesh Kyarr


As much as it may be difficult to engage Narael initially, tear her away from an interesting holomovie or a documentary, it is almost impossible to stop her once her gears commence grinding. Resourceful by nature; and able through continuous and rigorous training; Narael has devoted her life towards helping people in need and feeling good while doing so. While at terms with the existence of hierarchy within the Order itself, she is actively trying to shake off the ‘unapproachable’ aura that usually follows hand in hand with it. Almost always with a smile, and usually with her electrifying personality unable to be concealed among friends, she as likely to be found deep within the Artisan Wing, dismantling old and worn lightsaber hilts for parts either useful or beautiful, as she is to be found in the cantina enjoying the company of its denizens.


Narael was the child of Ilheana and Radamanth, a Cathar couple living in Arumorut, a the Mandalorian Settlement of Vlemoth Port. For many generations her family had been slaves to a local noble family, House Khor.

Radamanth was a skilled engineer, with a renowned intuition for both creation and repair of all kinds of machinery, and her mother was an entertainer, a lithe dancer and melodious singer. They utilized their skills for the benefit of Lady Dennora Khor, who was a strict but fair noble woman and while they were slaves, they lived a decent life with a roof over their heads and food on their plates. When Ilheana found herself pregnant, Lady Dennora continued her family tradition by accepting the child in the house and ordering great care for the pregnant mother. This was the situation when Narael was born under House Khor, in the year 364.02.

Four years after her birth Lady Dennora suffered a devastating economical blow from her competitors, and within months she was forced to sell most of her assets and properties. Among the most coveted assets was Radamanth, whose technical skills had earned him great respect over the settlement, and so Lady Dennora was forced to sell him and Ilheana to the black market. The buyer was Jingo, a somewhat new Hutt with an already dark reputation. He did not show any patience during the bidding, and immediately quadrupled the initial price, shutting off any competitors.

Radamanth and Ilheana were devastated, as they knew what fate awaited them and little Narael in the hands of a Hutt. They pleaded with Lady Dennora to keep the young girl with her and to keep her safe. Lady Dennora was very reluctant, as the girl was included in the total price, but she finally agreed to grant them this favor for their loyal service. She went to bargain with Jingo, and what followed was a long evening of negotiations. Lady Dennora was certain that Jingo had no plans or use for a girl of her age, but he would be certain to make great profit from her. And so he did, cutting half of his stated price to allow the girl to remain with Lady Khor.

And so Narael was separated from her parents and was placed under the protection of the Lady’s remaining servant family. To the four year old girl this was a devastating blow, as the separation meant not only losing the only people that seemed to care about her, but also being left as a lone alien child in a household of humans.

For the next four years, Narael was asked to help with work in the house, being given chores that would be appropriate for a young girl. However, without her natural parents to rear and control her, her natural curiosity and energetic personality caused a lot of trouble. And while she learned early on to be obedient and calm around the Lady, she did not extend the same courtesy to her human guardians, and tensions rose. She would pick their stuff without permission, bother them at inappropriate times and get into quarrels with the rest of the children. Though these quarrels never escalated to fights, it was enough to make the rest of the people apprehensive towards her.

Initially her foster parents believed that she would become more mellow as she grew older, and even hoped that her curiosity would be satisfied once the in-house lessons begun. Unfortunately that was not the case, none of the tutors managed to earn Narael’s attention, and she would leave the class only to start wandering around.

Her foster parents tried explain to her that her education was important, but the headstrong girl refused to listen. Distraught, they started giving her tasks that would take Narael a lot of time to complete. This caused a lot of boredom to the hyperactive girl, and she would abandon those tasks, only to start trouble somewhere else. Thus, they abandoned any hope of controlling her, and let her free to roam the halls of the household, hoping that she would not cause any damage the Lady would notice.

Narael did not understand why they stopped interacting with her. There was never any ill intent from her part, in her mind she was only curious about them and wanted to play. Even the fights in her own mind happened when they shouted at her and she was always careful not to hurt anybody else. Her renewed attempt to get people to pay attention to her, usually via louder means, backfired. This led to the rest of the house actively avoiding her, going as far as changing rooms when she started shouting at them.

Finally, shortly after her eighth birthday, she decided she could not take this any longer. She wanted to find her parents, the only people she felt had ever loved her and so she left the house and went to the streets to find them. She had heard recently of ships leaving for the Core worlds, and believing her meager pocket credits was enough, she snuck outside the house and tried to find her way to the port. However she did not know of the streets outside, and before long she lost her way.

As the hours passed, she became afraid with all the grown people around looking at her and eventually her resolve was shaken, and she started panicking. Desperate, she started asking around for the way to her home, but being an alien, she was ignored. She started shouting and begging people to help her, and her shouts attracted a local group of protesters.

Fueled by their hatred of aliens, believing them to be the carriers of the deadly plague that had swept the planet just a year ago, the protesters lashed against any non-humans that crossed their path. The young girl was an easy target, and a small group of three protesters broke from the main body, and went to put down the girl.

Narael saw the armed grown-ups running towards her and with tears in her eyes tried to escape to an alleyway and hide. She was not successful, and they followed her. As three of them towered above her, a young boy rushed in front of her, shouting to them to stay away.

Laughing, one of the group lounged at the unarmed boy, who seeing the danger dodged and grabbed a sign lying on the ground. Before the man could react, the boy had swung the large sign awkwardly, hitting the man on the knee. The sharp cry of pain jolted the whole group, and they started moving towards the children, when a sharp sound grabbed their attention.

A hooded figure, holding a weapon of purple light, jumped from the rooftops and landed in front of the children. She made no move other than stand there in silence, but it was clear that no further move was needed. The group started running in panic and the wounded man limped behind them in fear.

The hooded figure, a woman, turned her attention to the children and lowered her hood. She looked both of them in the eyes and told them that she would protect them, but they had to follow her instructions. She asked them to remain close to her, and together they moved through the angry crowds and outside the city. Both children nodded and rushed behind the kind woman, as she navigated the perilous streets. Many times a small group of protesters would make a motion to break from the main crowd and try to stop them, but the woman needed to only bring her hand on her weapon, and their bravado would falter.

As they reached safety, the woman stopped and turned to the children. She told them that her name was Isane, and that she was a Jedi Knight. She told them that their emotions resonated strongly in the Force, and that was the way she had found them. She continued that she understood their confusion, for it was natural not to know, but they would have to make a choice. They could follow her out of the planet, and train in the ways of the Jedi or she could return them safely to their houses, to continue their life as it had been.

Narael asked Isane if being a force sensitive made a person valuable. Isane answered her that every living being is valuable, from the humblest little mouse to the mightiest Jedi Master. A Jedi’s Force connection does not make him more important, but it allows him to live a richer life, attuned to the ebb and flow of the world around her. And in the end, this attunement grants the Jedi skills with which she can promote the will of the Force.

Hearing this, Narael became afraid. If Lady Khor learned she had that Force thing, she might sell her like she did with her parents, and she would be unable to find them ever. Narael looked at Isane, and told her with a shaking voice that she would follow her. Isane then asked Narael to communicate with her parents, only to learn of her current situation. Narael pleaded with Isane, asking her to be the one who would speak with Lady Khor, and Isane nodded. She found a nearby holo-terminal and contacted the household, telling the woman answering the call that young Narael was now under the protection of the Order of the Jedi and she would not return to House Khor unless the Order deemed so. The woman acknowledged the news with an smirk. Isane asked the girl who the woman was, and Narael mumbled under her breath that it was Bess, her foster mother. She too had noticed the grin, and she felt extremely sad at that emotion.

With the call taken care of, Isane led Narael and the boy, who identified himself as Sirius, to a nearby shuttle and towards their new life.