JEDI HoloNet

Meep Trop

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Rodia

Species: Rodian


Living most of his life comfortably in one of the many bubble-domed cities on Rodia. His childhood was filled with mischief, always seeming to slip outside to cause some sort of trouble, he found living life in a giant bubble to be lackluster, and was always looking for new, interesting things to experience. On a handful of occasions, Meep would slip to the edge of the bubble, usually stowing away on vehicles, or transports trading between cities, only to be found out and immediately sent home when the vehicles were inspected. His parents would be alerted with every occurrence, and would give him the standard lecture about the swamps of Rodia being dangerous. Meep knew this, but his intense feelings of wanderlust only drew him to the world outside of the bubble more and more. As Meep grew, he became more observant, and was even able to slip to the very edge of the bubble-dome a few times to explore, while these excursions came and went without incident. His parents noticed Meep coming home late, often with saturated, dirty clothing. His parents finally thought it may be a good idea to feed his curiosity, and arranged for their son to see parts of the galaxy. When the time finally came for Meep to depart, he had met a jolly man in robes, and after speaking to Meep, told him they’d be staying somewhere very different from Rodia for a few months.