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Marstal’kley Talkon


Homeworld: Hutt Space

Species: Nagai-Echani


Life was never ‘ordinary’ for Mars. Whether it be his unusually long name, Marstal’kley, which he hated. Being a crossbreed between two of the galaxies’ most martially skilled races., Or most of his time floating around in the abyss of space as he played with scrap parts from previous expeditions. Nothing seemed to ever be too still and steady for the young boy.

Mars was born between two people driven by love. Typical for most children. What was not so typical was their soulful connection being driven by making money by doing whatever was necessary to live. Most of the time it was doing something completely illegal. So where is the best place to live such a lifestyle? Living in a space shuttle within Hutt space? Of course!

So Mars was raised in a very family-friendly environment. One where his parents were constantly engaged in some kind of assassination attempt, daily bounty, or the run-of-the-mill spice run out of Hutt Space. Whatever it was they were always out on the run. That’s why at the ripe age of 6, Mars was already being trained physically and mentally to get out of sticky situations. His father, being a Nagai, was particular in making sure that Mars knew how to use any sort of weapon he could get his hands on. Though his training did have a keen focus on the Tekh’la blades. Popular knives are used within Nagai martial culture due to how agile and precise they could be in a variety of combat situations.

Though his mother focused on preparing her son for the worst scenarios in the way she was brought up to. By swiftly neutralizing a target through the art of the Echani. What many did not know is that the Echani won less through physical force but more through a mental will. The ability to be able to predict an opponent and know their move before they know theirs was the true talent of a skilled Echani. One that Mars started to slowly comprehend over time.
Besides training from his two parents, the boy had found knacks for other things. Whilst in the middle of space the boy had taken a keen interest in reading. Whatever sort of holo articles or books he could grasp his hands on became an entertaining thing. Writing on a daily was another simple pleasure that developed during his time of boredom. The boy had also found himself crafting make-shift tools and gadgets out of destroyed weapon parts and other random scraps that had been received. While whatever he made was not the most practical it still was fun to play with.

As Mars became older, his environment became more influential to him as he began to notice the small details. When his parents would travel down to places such as Nal Hutta to establish new deals and bounties to collect is where the boy began to gather some of his knowledge. Mars’s parents were the kind to sometimes be so involved elsewhere that they didn’t notice their kid running into alleyways to screw around with some random folks on the street before scramming off.
While the Nagai-Echani boy had gained some level of streetsmart over the years, he truly was a space-smart kind of kid. Spending the majority of time crammed within a shuttle gets you to explore the intricate parts and levels of detail that come into an operating ship. His father would sometimes go on about the kind of parts and types of guns they had installed within the ship. The information never really retained within the boy’s head until he had gotten old enough to even understand how an engine worked. Though his ship-smart expertise also came in after watching, maybe a few too many times, his parents sweat-talked their way out of boardings from pirates within the region. If a situation ever arose, it was Mars’ job to take the role of an innocent child giving the faulty equipment to the silly pirates so they would get off their ship. Quite a normal childhood indeed.

Then came a turning point in everyone’s life. Mars’s parents went to meet with a certain contact they had not run into for a couple of years for an upcoming high-class bounty. While discussing the details with this contact, Mars had simply stood off to the side as they talked with the contact. The contact was a small, blue Togruta with a calico-like pattern that ran down her Montrals. The boy simply played with some tools as he overheard their conversation. Mars’s father had tossed a holopad for the boy to catch after he was done with its use. The boy had failed to realize what was coming towards him as his eyes glared at the incoming projectile. The object seemed to briefly slow down before gliding its way into his hand. The contact ahead snorted. This contact was a former Jedi herself. Aqua Sol. The Togruta scoffed as she realized she had found a force sensitive. It was a quick blur before Mars had gotten to become a Jedi. While the boy had mixed feelings about the whole ordeal he sure did like being independent of his parents for a little while. But when he realized the complicated ideology of Jedi philosophy but simply killing somebody when his parents had very little care into such a choice was when doubt ran through his head. While the past few years had started to tame the boy down he surely has much work as the everlasting mindset of ‘doing whatever it takes’ still lingers in the Nagai-Echani’s head. And now comes a new opportunity as Mars makes his way to a new temple and a new experience as an upcoming Jedi.