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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Csilla, Jabiim

Mentor(s): Xa'o Zalei, Gabe Alkorda

Species: Chiss

Padawan(s): Arikakon Genkal, Aldor Arkanous


Sarrecm’ar’reccarve has a very strong will when it comes to defending freedom and preserving justice. He’s willing to learn anything placed before him, and is sure to one day be a great Jedi Knight indeed.


Sarrecm’ar’reccarve was born on the Chiss homeworld, but when his father died from some troubles with a local political machine, he and his mother moved to Jabiim. From the start, he and his mother did not have a happy life on Jabiim. Marr’s mother had to resort to prostitution to earn the small living that they shared.

One evening, the night of Marr’s fifth birthday, his mom came home with a man. She told him to go play in his room, and she went to hers. Later that night Marr heard his mom crying. He went to her and asked her what was wrong. She told him not to worry and try to get out of there as soon as he could.

The next morning, when Marr’s mom was out, she saw a Galactic Alliance ship land in a port. She rushed home and grabbed Marr. She ran with him to the ship, but while they were running, they passed men who were fighting. She took Marr and hid him on the ship, said she would be back, and told him to wait there. As Marr was sitting there he felt the ship take off. He began to get worried about his mom, so he got up and started to look around. He stumbled upon a droid who asked him what he was doing on the ship. Marr told it that his mom put him on the ship. The droid, knowing nothing other than to get intruders off, took Marr to the door and told him to get ready because they would be landing soon.

When the ship finally landed, the droid took Marr and put him in a garden in front of a large building, Marr had no clue where he was, or what the building was that was in front of him. Having nothing else to do, Marr decided to explore. He entered the building, and walked down the hallway. He passed a fountain, and entered a room with an elevator. He went up and walked into a room with a high ceiling. As he walked to the back of the room, he saw a terrace. Marr decided to sit down and rest there on the terrace.

After a while, two strangers walked up on Marr. They introduced themselves as Gabe Alkorda and Kishon Sanria. They said that the place Marr was at was called the Jedi Temple, and that they were on Yavin IV. They took Marr to the main halls and showed him around. He was introduced to some of the other younger kids, and left him to play. Gabe later came back and took a blood test.

After about a cycle of meeting new people and playing, Marr was taken in front of the Council. This was where Marr was interviewed, and then initiated into the Jedi Order. Marr had begun his path as a Jedi.

Marr attended lots of classes for Intiates and Padawans, and grew quickly. His connection with the Force grew at an amazing rate. The Master’s soon recognized this, and knew that his time as an initiate was over. While walking around the temple on Bespin, Marr received a message on his datapad from Knight Xa’o Zalei saying that Marr was to begin his time as Xa’o’s Padawan.

While under Xa’o’s training, Marr grew and learned a lot. His physical abilities lead him to become very attuned to acrobatics, which he incorporated into his fighting style. He went on a few missions with Xa’o, but he was physically hurt really bad. One of his tendons was cut. He healed it, but during his training, the area around his ankle hurt him really bad.

After a couple of years, Xa’o was called to begin construction on another enclave on Mon Calamari. Xa’o went off to over see the construction, but left Marr behind to train. There instantly was a sag in Marr’s growth and he knew it. He felt hurt, and others saw and heard it.

One day, a few years later, Master Gabe, sat down next to Marr. Gabe informed Marr that he was no longer Xa’o’s Padawan, and that he should go about his business as a Padawan would. Gabe left, but being the strange man he was, he came back and told Marr that he was now Gabe’s Padawan

The years progressed and Marr grew. In a physical sense he became a man, not very tall, but still taller than some. His skin turned to a darker shade of blue, and his red eyes became more pronounced. Some said he looked almost evil, but once they got to know him, they realized this wasn’t true. Marr was one of the most affable members of the Order.

Through the help and guidance of Gabe, Marr was able to grow in his connection to the Force. Unlike most mentors, Gabe didn’t focus a lot on the physical aspect of training a Padawan, while there was some work in that area, most of the work Marr did was to develop his mind.

Through his training, he acquired the skill of Battle Meditation and became known in the temple for it, at a young age. That was just one of the few things Marr was able to do with the Force.

The years passed, and Marr grew some more. His friend, and Padawan brother Jared Quell was knighted, which left Marr the sole Padawan of Gabe, for a bit. Soon Asphar, another of Marr’s friends, became Gabe’s Padawan Marr and Asphar went through a lot of training, but soon, Marr and Gabe realized things were slowing down for them. Marr had reached a point in which Gabe, really, had nothing left to teach Marr; he was ready for the task of becoming a Knight.

Gabe and Marr were sent on a mission by the Jedi Council to rescue a fellow member of their order, Kishon Sanria. It was on the mission that Marr saw his first real glimpse of war and what it was like. Things were hectic, but Marr and Gabe were able to rescue Kishon and get out safely.

Not to long after that, Gabe took Marr up to the Council chambers to be presented to Jedi Masters Phoe Nhix and Soh Raun, the two members of the Jedi High Council. Master Nhix asked Marr if he had any idea of what he was doing there, and Marr answered with “yes: he believed he was going to be Knighted.” It was at this, that Master Nhix, Raun, and Alkorda, knighted Marr. He had begun his steps as a guardian of peace and order. Duty was placed upon Marr, and he accepted it full on.

Marr spent a few years floating around the temple filling in for various things, completing a few tasks. It wasn’t long, however, before he took on his first Padawan: Arikakon Genkal. Marr was to serve as a replacement Master for Arikakon, finishing training from where Jedi Knight Wesley Ryor had left off at.

After spending about a year training with Arikakon and trying to pass on his knowledge, Marr began to feel unrest within him. Through his meditation, he understood that the Force was calling him elsewhere in the galaxy, and leaving Arikakon behind, left the Order in pursuit of what the Force had in store for him.

After a few years traveling around Marr ended up on his home planet of Csilla taking up a military post and serving as a scout for the Chiss Empire. Things seemed right for quite some time, with Marr fulfilling his duties to his species. After a few missions, however seeds of doubt about what the plans the Empire had for Marr were planted.

About a decade after he left the Order, Marr left the Ascendancy returning home hoping to take up the mantel of Jedi Knight once again.

On 268.21 Marr was reinstated into the Jedi Order as a Jedi Knight. With a new understanding of the Force and what he was intended to do, Marr set out to make himself useful around the Temple.