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Marek Izu

Marek Izu
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Enarc (Orbit)

Mentor(s): Dreshin Bralor

Species: Human


Marek Izu, the child of career goods importer and exporter, Sanin Izu and chemist Lynn Mikata, married in 376 ABY. The Izu family lived a simple life. Sanin traded for the faction holding, mostly importing food and supplies for the planet below or exporting manufacturing tools and machines to systems near by. Sanin wanted to be close to his family. The lower levels of Guardian Way keeps Lynn where she works as an organic chemist, always looking for ways to create stronger and more durable metals.

The Izu family likes to invest in their family. They spend as much time as they can with Marek. Lynn, being on a rigid schedule, allows her to be home before dinner. And Sanin can make his schedule day to day. For most of his childhood, Marek enjoys children’s entertainment programs, playing games with other children, tickling, and reading. Marek loves to read.

Little less than one year ago, the Izu family started to become good friends with former Jedi Rokran Vuhdar. Rokran, taking the life of a trader, made friends with Sanin over a drink at the closest pub to the cargo bays. The men traded stories and sorrow, they laughed and reconvened when possible. Lynn would sometimes meet them at the pub still in her work uniform.

The Izu family would often have Rokran over for dinner. Marek knew Rokran like family for as often as he saw him. Rokran felt very different around Marek than he did around anyone else. He had stopped his learning of the Force years ago, but he was sure of what he felt. Pulling Lynn and Sanin aside after Marek falls asleep, Rokran tells the family of how he feels. After a week long debate, the family taking the next two weeks off from work to say goodbye to their baby, agree to let Rokran bring him to the Jedi.

Two weeks follow the boy’s last moments with his parents before letting him know what is about to happen. They play and paint, they read all of Marek’s favorite stories, twice. Lynn makes Marek all of his favorite meals. With their last night approaching, they sit Marek down to tell him about the big change. Marek pleads to his parents not to go, that he likes the way his life is now, that he doesn’t want to go, but with great reluctance, they tell him this is his life and he must go.

The next day Rokran leads the boy in tears out to the cargo bay where his trading ship is settled. Marek, with worn eyes, looks back to his parents one last time, waving goodbye to their boy. Marek clinched his eyes shut and climbed into the vessel. Rokran set the boy in the copilot seat and buckled him in. Before long, Marek would be asleep. Rokran set a course for Rannon and no sooner did he have him there. Rokran sent a commlink channel to the Jedi as he approached the planet, informing that this random trader had a valuable boy for them. The ship set down and the cargo bay door opened, where Marek emerged.