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Maloush Paroveid

Maloush Paroveid
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Rodia

Mentor(s): Martis Alguien

Species: Rodian

Padawan(s): Delmi N'jork, Caleb Quintilian


Maloush Paroveid was born on the planet of Rodia on 240.21 ABY. Living in average conditions for the first few years of his life Maloush, was exposed to the Jedi Arts early in his life. His father was a Jedi Knight, stationed at the Jedi Temple on Arkania. Whenever his father was onworld, Maloush would encounter his father meditating or training deep within the forests of their home planet. Though not often, his father taught Maloush a few simple meditation techniques. He also provided lessons of the Jedi Code and the Force to his son on occasions, in anticipation of him one day becoming a Jedi Knight. Most of the time, his father was away, however, and in his absence, Maloush lived with his mother. Though she did work for the local government, Maloush’s mom and him often spent a lot of time with each other, forming a close bond with one another. While his mother was at work, Maloush had a private tutor that would come and provide lessons in core subjects. It is through these lessons that Maloush became fluent in Basic.

At the age of eight, Maloush’s father announced that he would be taking his son to the Jedi Temple on Courscant. There, he would be trained in the Jedi Arts. Though it was hard for him to depart from his family, Maloush understood that going to Courscant would be a wise decision. He was initiated into the Jedi Order in the year 248 and began many long years of training. After studying many basic abilities and concepts such as telekinesis, telepathy, and the Jedi Code, Maloush was taken as Martis Alguien’s Apprentice in 252. Together, they formed a classic Master and Padawan connection, and they became really good friends. Under Alguien’s teachings, Maloush received a balanced Padawanhood, focusing on many advanced abilities and concepts of Force usage and the Lightsaber Arts.

In his free time, Maloush enjoyed roaming the streets of Courscant. He found the variety of life on the planet to be very interesting. On occasion, he even helped those in need. He and his Master were often sent out to help solve issues around the planet. It was there on Courscant that Maloush were given his trials. Though some were held at the temple, some of his trials involved resolving a small gang war. Maloush was able to provide a lot of assistance by resolving many issues and tensions between the two gangs. Eventually, the whole problem was resolved. Upon completing his tasks, Maloush was Knighted in 261.

At the end of his Padawanhood, Maloush became commited to helping with the relief efforts on the planet of Bespin, after the terrorist attack on Cloud City. After he was knighted, Maloush spent about fours years on the planet, aiding wherever he could. In 265, he returned to the Courscant temple and took a Padawan of his own, a ten year old Zabrak female. Together, the two formed a similar bond similar to the one Maloush and his prior Master formed. Maloush taught his Padawan many things, and took her on many assignments that tested every skill known to her. Eventually, his Padawan was ready to face the trials. Once she completed a series of complicated tests, she was Knighted in 273. After seeing his former Padawan into Knighthood, Maloush decided that he wanted to go abroad, and transfer to another Jedi Temple. So, he met with the Jedi Council and made the request to be transferred to the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV.