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Makotoakio Shigeru


Homeworld: Sembla

Species: Vurk


Makotoakio Shigeru is a male Vurk from the watery world of Sembla. Makotoakio is an reptilian humanoid, able to breathe both water and air, and has an elongated face, dark eyes, and a sweeping crest extending f rom his skull.

Makotoakio is the son of Kiyoshi and Teiko Shigeru. Makotoakio was born on Sembla, however at the age of three Makotoakio and Teiko moved to Coruscant to be closer to Makotoakio’s father, Kiyoshi who was one of the few Vurks working as spiritual advisor for the Galactic Alliance.

Being the son of a monk, Makotoakio were always encouraged to read holo-books, meditate and expand his knowledge. And so Makotoakio did. The young Vurk his interest for books, spiritual ways and knowledge soon became more and more present, while other children were out playing, Makotoakio would be meditating and reading to expand his knowledge and reach enlightenment.

Another particular talent Makotoakio had was the ability to take things apart, for then setting them back together with skills that seemed beyond the usual six year old. This worried his mother a bit, being a traditional Vurk; Teiko was a bit distracted with the fact that her son would rather take things apart than playing with the other children. Soon Teiko, with the best intentions, forced Makotoakio to leave his dear personal belongings and took him to a day-care.

Makotoakio, being a Vurk must have been an odd sighting for the other children in the day-care, who were mostly Humans as most positions within the Galactic Alliance were held by Humans from the core sectors. To add to the problem Makotoakio wasn’t only strange looking to the other children but also shy and rather careful. This resulted in unwanted attention from some of the older children who thought Makotoakio looked funny and acted weird. But instead of dealing with his stalkers as most would, either by giving into their bullying or giving them a beating, Makotoakio used cleverer means to get rid of his stalkers.

In one of his holo-books young Makotoakio once read of something called the Jedi Order, and their way of thinking. Makotoakio used words rather than fists to throw his stalkers off. Resulting to a non-violent solution for a six year old is an amazing accomplishment, even among the Jedi Order itself using diplomacy over force is a difficult thing to accomplish and is viewed as the ultimate solution to a problem.

As Makotoakio grew he advanced through different spiritual studies and could almost always be found in the Libraries of Coruscant reading various holo-books, at the age of fourteen he could unassemble an X-wing and put it together without having a single spare part left. At the age of sixteen he reached enlightenment and knew more about Galactic History and spiritual ways than his teachers did.

At his eighteenth birthday Makotoakio was accepted into the Coruscant College of Spiritual Guiding as the youngest applicant to date. Makotoakio had a bright future ahead of him, he studied to follow in his father’s footsteps and it became obvious that Makotoakio would work for the Galactic Alliance as spiritual advisor to guide them in spiritual ways just as his father did.

Just as things were going as good as they could something startling occurred; one evening when Makotoakio were walking home from the Library of Coruscant he got hit by a Speeder on the run from the authorities. The injuries were severe but after intense Bacta-treatment and meditation, Makotoakio slowly started to recover. Just as Makotoakio were about to sign out of the Medical Center he were held back by the doctor who had been in charge for Makotoakio’s treatment because an blood sample of Makotoakio showed that Makotoakio was Force-sensitive and proved that he had an Midi-Chlorian count of 13.500, well beyond the requirement to be trained as a Jedi.

Two days later, the Medical Center made contact with the JEDI Academy on the fourth moon of the Yavin system in the Gordian Reach sector and Makotoakio was picked up three days later by Jedi Master Axem Keigoku, Jedi Master Shimi Zaki and Jedi Knight Raulos Aquilo to begin his training at the JEDI Academy on Yavin IV.

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