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Mairelis Augustian


Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Chiss


Mer’Guar’arti was born on Coruscant on 378.13, after his parents were forced to exile from Csilla a year before, due to his father’s errant behavior during the inhouse political conflict.

Everything went well for the first eight years, since his parents believed they were safe away from Csilla. That would change one night, when a hooded person came in their home and murdered his parents with a lightsaber, while Mer’Guar’arti was hidden in the basement, watching the whole incident. He would remain hidden and terrified, until a few hours later a Jedi came to investigate the area, having heard the cries of the child. He sensed something within him, tested his blood and decided to take him to the Jedi Temple of Rannon.