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Maeve Lothaire

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Lafra

Mentor(s): Aiden Kezeron

Species: Lafrarian


Born on Lafra system, the homeworld of her kind. Maeve, was the first and only daughter to two Lafrarian pilots, at a home which resided at the top of a remarkably high hill, much like many of the Lafrarian homes.

The two parents were part of the squadron which consisted of many Lafrarian pilots who served in the war against the Imperium. Many of the parents’ colleagues held them in high regard because of their piloting skills and their many heroic acts during the war.

After the war had concluded, the two would decide to settle down and get married, and a year later they would have Maeve.

Until Maeve turned two the parents didn’t seem to be able to leave her on her own and always kept an eye on her movements, because she would always crawl and attempt to get out of the house whether it’s through a door or a window, which always made the parents overly concerned whenever they were both on duty and left her with her grandmother whose home was at the edge of a nearby settlement, but the grandmother usually knew how to handle Maeve and keep her busy.

At the age of five, Maeve’s parents died in an accident under suspicious circumstances, and the one to deliver this news was the governor of the settlement who was accompanied by a Jedi from the Ossus temple. The governor knew Maeve’s parents and was rather close to them, although it pained him, he deemed it necessary that he delivers this news himself.

There wasn’t much talk, but the Jedi who’d come to investigate the accident made one request that was curious to the grandmother, he wanted take a sample of Maeve’s blood to be examined by the order after he’d mentioned that ever since he walked through the door he’d sensed a presence in the Force.

Maeve wouldn’t understand his words until later in the future, however.

At a later time the Jedi would visit alone to inform them of Maeve’s force sensitivity, he was also understanding that his timing for this request couldn’t be worse, so considering the situation he decided that he wouldn’t ask to recruit Maeve until she’s a bit older, and so he left and wouldn’t show up again until a few years had passed.

During those two years, however, Maeve was still getting over her parents’ death, and aside from attending school, she made it a habit to stroll away from her grandmother whenever she went out with her.

At first the grandmother was terrified and was rather harsh with her when she found her, but soon she started to get used to it, because she knew exactly where to find Maeve, she would finish her shopping and go pick her up from a nearby station. Maeve would always sneak in there to see the ships and starfighters, but in her mind the place that stood out was a department within the station which served as a flight school for many attendees of students who sought to become pilots. She was always fond of watching the flight simulations they’d go through and the techniques they were learning in that school.

Two years had already passed, and as promised the Jedi investigator showed up to get a response, and this time it was Maeve spoke up and expressed her willingness to join the Jedi Order, and so it was settled. After a few days Maeve was ready to take off in the Jedi’s ship which was headed to Ossus.

Maeve’s earliest memories in the Ossus temple were not the best, she would always cause trouble in the garage or the hangar, which would later cause her to be prohibited from approaching these places until she learns to control her curiosity, and at the same time, Jedi Knight Su Jhin who is a current archivist was appointed to be in charge of teaching Maeve the traditions of the Jedi.

Six years later, Maeve would request to be transferred to the Rannon Praxeum after two of her closest friends also transferred there, but her request was dismissed because she still had room to improve her behaviour, a year later, however, and after one of her learning sessions, Su was the one to inform her that her request was approved, and on the same day she was ready to leave on one of the ships that was headed to Rannon on a different business.

The ship finally took off and during the entire trip she was enjoying the sight of the stars, looking forward to meet her friends and the new life that awaits her.