JEDI HoloNet

Lystra Hale

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Eshan

Mentor(s): Aiden Kezeron

Species: Echani


Lystra Hale. A rather tall twelve year old girl standing at 5’4, living her typical life out as a kid on the planet of Eshan, living with her parents and living a rather wealthy lifestyle.
She spent most of her time as a child on Eshan studying about different cultures, species and planets, even taking the time to learn both Basic and Echani when she was just young. Lystra always had a thought in the back of her mind that she wanted to leave Eshan and go live her life elsewhere, finding it rather boring of just living in the same place. When she wasn’t studying, she was playing and adventuring with her friends, exploring the nearby forest and mountain near her home. Due to her culture and the people around her, she would also learn about fighting, different techniques and weaponry. She would practice fighting styles and techniques with her friends, brawling and sparring with them.
Another subject that peaked her interest was the tales of the Force, mainly just stories that had been shared between her friendship groups from books and other sources. She would try to find out as much as she could about the Force and those who used it.

It was just a rather normal and boring day for Lystra, spending most of her morning studying but she heard whispers from her friends and others in the village she was in about a random ship that had landed nearby their village, she didn’t really pay much attention to it and kept her studying to herself outside.
After about half-an-hour after being told such news, she would look around to see a peculiar looking person, talking to a few of the elders in the village. She would tend to keep an eye on them, but not letting it distract her from her studies, keeping up on her teachings in basic, being fluent but learning a few of the longer words.
Lystra perked a brow as she heard this unfamiliar voice speak out over her, looking up from her book she would greet him back, closing it and standing up, being about 3/4th’s of his height.
The conversation between them was short but would change Lystra’s life. The man introduced himself, a Jedi that was on a mission on the planet to seek out potential younglings, being told about this village from a nearby city, he explained that he could sense that Lystra was strong with the force, offering her a place where she could have the potential to learn and study about this responsibility and power. Lystra would think it over, but only for a moment, studying, a place away from Eshan, different species and cultures, this was everything she dreamed for.
After explaining to her parents, there was no discussion about it. She was going to go and live this new life, she left Eshan with one fixed goal in her mind, becoming a Jedi.