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Luur’ad Ekekrik

Homeworld: Maya Kovel

Mentor(s): Merisee Solman

Species: Ayrou

Padawan(s): Eksen Tal’iya, Unknown Gungan


Jedi Master Luur’ad Ekekrik (born 199 ABY) was a white-skinned, blue-eyed Ayrou from Maya Kovel in the (Inner) Moddell sector, part of the Inner Zuma Region of the Outer Rim Territories. When he was of six Galactic Standard years of age, he was taken from Maya Kovel by a Pa’lowick Jedi Knight named Merisee Solman, who was then a Jedi Watchman assigned to the Moddell sector by the Jedi Council on Coruscant.

Despite his upbringing, the Council believed Ekekrik to have great potential, and initiated him into the Jedi Order. However, due to concerns of temple overpopulation, and also bearing in mind the nature of the young Ayrou, the Jedi Council made the decision to transfer Ekekrik to the Ossus Temple upon his initiation.

At first, many Masters on Ossus considered this move to be a mistake, as Ekekrik had already suffered through a period of cultural shock while on Coruscant, and they feared the acclimatization might be too difficult of a process. Yet their fears were soon allayed, as Ekekrik’s young mind, while certainly influenced by Ayrou culture, was able to easily adapt to the Jedi lifestyle and accept it.

Ekekrik progressed solidly throughout the next several years, integrating fully into Jedi society. His “screeching” voice (a distinctive trait of Ayrou), was considered strange and annoying by most others, and thus drove many peers away from him. He still managed to make several friends during this time period, both ones that would cause him great happiness and also great pain.

As he turned ten Galactic Standard years old, Ekekrik began to attract the eye of several Masters as an accomplished Initiate. In the annual Exhibition Day event, the combination of his prowess in Force-based activities and a noble performance in a team-based activity persuaded Xanex Dtriket, a male Falleen Jedi Master, to take him as his Padawan Learner.

It was quickly evident that Ekekrik’s skills lay primarily in non-combative areas, and he decided with his Master to pursue the path of a Jedi Consular. This was perhaps influenced by the instinctual Ayrou tendency (and perhaps some amount of early indocrination, as well) to collect and pursue information, as well as the high importance placed on intellect in Ayrou society. Ayrou also tend to disassociate from violence, considering it to be, in some manner, the proof of the absence of intellect.

His Master wrote this in 213 ABY:

“…I fear for my Padawan, for while he is one of the brightest students of his class, and quite capable with the Force for any child of fourteen GS, he neglects his physical practice — that is, he seems to avoid anything outside of what I directly assign him. I have therefore arranged extra sessions for him with Master Bantrain every other cycle, to begin immediately…”

His Master needn’t have worried, for as he grew over the next several years, Ekekrik applied himself more and was able to improve despite his aversion to physical training, and with practice was labeled in a lightsaber arts examination “quite adept”.

For a number of years, Ekekrik’s training under Master Dtriket was unremarakble. He progressed steadily, joining his Master on various missions off-world as deemed appropriate, and maturing as a Jedi. At twenty Galactic Standard, he and his Master were sent with another pair (his close friend Sarith Forto, and his Master, Jedi Knight Arador Mallix) to resolve a situation involving reoccuring riots on Elrood. Unfortunately, during the process of diplomatic negotiation, Forto was swayed by activist propaganda groups to join their side in the conflict, and he was soon immersed in their agenda, neglecting his duties as a Jedi. Master Mallix remained unaware of Forto’s actions for a short while, but as soon as he was starting to have suspicions, Forto was persuaded by several extremist leaders to plant a bomb in an important government-controlled facility. The target was the governor, but Ekekrik and Dtriket also happened to be in the complex at the time.

When the bomb detonated, numerous beings were killed the blast. However, Ekekrik and Dtriket made it out alive with only minor injuries. After applying quick healing remedies, they located Master Mallix quickly, who had just made the painful discovery that it was his Padawan behind the attacks. Together, the three Jedi plotted as to how they could stop Forto and his (now) allies. They decided that a more direct solution would be necessary, as this bombing would now label the activist groups as “terrorists”, thus preventing the government from directly negotiating with them, as was policy on Elrood, and a policy shared by the Galactic Alliance.

Working with government officials from the Department of Security, they managed to get the names and locations of three areas where it was suspected that the terrorists had strongholds. Each of the Jedi went to investigate an area, respectively: Master Mallix to an abandoned warehouse in a financial district, Master Dtriket to a rural agricultural complex, and Ekekrik to a suburban corporate headquarters for Najik Co., one of a couple weapons manufacturers on Elrood (a planet with relatively few minerals and thus one that imported much of their arsenal).

Each went, respectively, to his designated location, and although neither Master Mallix nor Master Dtriket found any significant operations, Ekekrik stumbled upon a large group of the activists along with his friend Forto. He stealthily made his way to the president’s office, sneaking past a number of guards as he did so, where two activist leaders and Forto stood
discussing their plans. After listening for awhile from an overhead vent shaft, Ekekrik devised a plan. First, he used telekinesis to remotely neutralize the threat of the guards inside the room, although consequently exposing himself to Forto. Then, he jumped from his hiding place to face the remainder of the beings in the room. A few guards rushed in from the corridor to capture him, but he managed to disarm them all, leaving them helpless with the other guards.

The two leaders with Forto, a Rodian and a Chiss, both raised blasters to shoot at Ekekrik, but Forto stopped them at the last moment and convinced them to leave the room. This left Forto facing Ekekrik alone. The two exchanged brief words but were unable to come to any resolution, so they engaged in a fierce duel, utilizing both their lightsabers and the Force to try to gain an advantage over one another.

Eventually, Ekekrik, though unable to press his advantage in the lightsaber battle, shattered a large window behind Forto, showering them both with shards of broken transparisteel. This pained Forto in particular, who was blinded by transparisteel pieces stuck in his eyes, and the distraction gave Ekekrik the advantage he desired, and he struck Forto, rendering him unconscious. After treating a few of his own injuries, Ekekrik proceeded to arrest Forto as well as many of the rebellious forces inside the compound. He placed a communicator call to his Master, and the Elrood special police unit was able to sweep up fleeing faction members.

While in custody, the terrorist leaders were coerced into confessing, but before sentencing, Forto repented of his crimes. Ekekrik was able to convince the judge to lessen Forto’s sentence from life in prison to just thirty years, citing previous actions of merit by Forto as a Jedi, as well as his honest repentance. The other captured activists were sentenced to various terms, including life without parole for some of the leaders of the group, as an example to the Elroodian people.

Activist remnant groups hastily reached agreements with the government, denouncing their former leaders and accepting a peaceful solution.

Upon returning from this mission (and coincidentally on his 21st birthday), Ekekrik was granted the rank of Jedi Knight by the Jedi Council on Ossus for “demonstrating great valor, skill, and the mindset of a true Jedi Knight” while on Elrood. Now deemed Jedi Knight Ekekrik, he spent the next three Galactic Standard years on various missions for the Council, hardly spending more than a cycle at once back on Ossus. During this time, he had his share of successes and failures.

At age 24, he accepted a vacant position as an instructor of diplomacy to the eleven and twelve year olds at the Temple on Coruscant, and transferred there. Over the course of the year, one of his pupils and a young male Bothan, Eksen Tal’iya, caught his attention. Ekekrik considered him a worthy and intelligent student, and a solid and upcoming Jedi. As Tal’iya was an Initiate, Ekekrik requested him as his Padawan. After a short period of review, the Jedi Council accepted.

Tal’iya continued to teach his class for several GS years, but eventually resigned with the following written statement:

“Though I have found it most rewarding to teach these young Jedi children in the esteemed art of diplomacy, as I briefly mentioned in my last periodic report, I have greater duties at this time with the advancement of my Padawan Learner, Eksen Tal’iya, and his gradual coming of age (fifteen Standard, as of next cycle). As you are well aware, we have also applied and been approved by the Committee and subsequently the High Council to begin basic, joint missions work. It is thus most profitable if I am to leave my post to spend more time with him in his crucial teenage years, during which he shall be shaped into the Jedi Knight that I am certain he will become. Therefore, I implore that (effective next term) the Jedi Council shall accept my resignation as Instructor of Diplomacy. I, however, dutifully accept your authority with regard to your respond to my missive, and will fulfill my obligations for the rest of the year, if required.”

The Council accepted, and he was relieved of his teaching duties. He spent the next five years instructing Tal’iya, who was Knighted at age twenty and hailed as Ekekrik’s first success. Unfortunately, this would be one of his only happy moments in a long time; he would be riddled with misfortunate for years to come.

Ekekrik’s next student, a female Zabrak by the name Naisha B’vorik, appeared to be a promising future candidate for Jedi Knight, and a capable Guardian, but Ekekrik simply could not agree with some of his Padawan’s philosophies. For example, B’vorik believed that the Jedi should take a more active role in Galactic Alliance military operations, with capable Jedi warriors accompanying them to every possible battle to ensure victories. Due to her beliefs, B’vorik often took rash risks while engaged in combat to hasten victory. After a mission nearly ending with both of their deaths, Ekekrik released B’vorik from her training into a close friend of his (230.05), Master Plazzar, a Vurk Jedi Master and Jedi Sentinel. Plazzar completed B’vorik’s training, but while on a stealth infiltration mission in 236 ABY as a new Jedi Knight, her cover was blown and Naisha B’vorik ceased to be as she was killed at the hands of her captors.

Meanwhile, Ekekrik had taken another Padawan Learner, this time a Human girl of ten years, Cayree Sylmina (231.12). Sylmina greatly pleased Ekekrik, showing similar interests and a bright mind, like that of his first Padawan Learner. Yet this relationship, too, would come to a tragic end, as a rogue mercenary shot and killed Sylmina (235.31) while the pair was on a mission for the Jedi Council. Ekekrik was granted the rank of Jedi Master after succeeding in defeating the mercenary and tracing his origins to the large crime syndicate they were sent to investigate, which he was able to single-handedly shut down. All involved were arrested and sentenced to lofty sentences in Galactic Alliance federal prisons.

Though Ekekrik initially protested the promotion to Jedi Master, he eventually came to accept it. However, he felt he could not remain on Coruscant after this latest incident, and requested a transfer back to a somewhat smaller setting, and the home of his youth: the Jedi Temple on Ossus (236.09). There, he spent the next year recovering both mentally and physically, while re-acclimating himself to the environment on Ossus. In the year 237 ABY, he once again became a teacher, accepting an offer to teach both a mathematics elective to older students and ethics and morals to the younger students.

Enjoying this change of pace, he started a cyclic meditation group in 238 ABY and a Force-centric youth group for students (240 ABY), both of which enjoyed great success and continued under his guidance until his death. Both exist as activities on Ossus even today, albeit under different leadership.

Rejuvenated and encouraged by these experiences, he eventually decided to take another Padawan Learner (granted on 244.05), a young Otolla Gungan male who attended Ekekrik’s classes and also participated in the extracurricular sessions. The two trained together for many years as Ekekrik raised the Gungan from boyhood into adulthood; they gradually developed a bond as Master and Apprentice.

In 251 ABY, he and his Padawan Learner were sent to resolve a minor diplomatic dispute on Onderon between rivaling political parties. While attending a formal dinner, Ekekrik collapsed after being poisoned with a large dosage of lotiramine. He was rushed to the nearest medical facility, but was overcome with traumatic shock, and nearly died of heart failure in the early morning after several rounds of epileptic seizures. Medical droids saved his life, and he was on life support for the next few cycles as he recovered. The training of his Padawan was transferred to another Jedi Master as he was sent back to Ossus where he was diagnosed with the terminal disease of Blastonecrosis. Everything possible was tried, but no treatment was found, and Ekekrik requested that he be allowed to die in peace, under the influence of no medications or supplements. Without these to sustain his biological systems, in the early days of 252 ABY, Ekekrik passed into the Force, forever.

His funeral pyre ceremony was packed with Councillors, colleagues, old friends and young students alike from both Coruscant and Ossus, filled with compassion for the deceased Ayrou Master. As was then pointed out by the wisened and aging Master Dtriket during his speech at the pyre, remarkably and commendably, there is no record of Luur’ad Ekekrik killing a single being during his life, despite all the dangerous situations he found himself in as a Jedi. Surely there was temptation, surely it would have been easy to give in to these feelings, but he resisted the urge and consistently found other methods which proved to be just as effective. This is exemplary of the mantras: “Jedi respect life, in any form.” and “Jedi preserve life wherever and whenever possible”. This is a testament to his skill and his mindset, even if the future of most of his direct students (Padawans) all ended in tragedies.

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