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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Lorrd

Species: Bith


And when she wept, the sky had turned red, their village cast in the shadow of flame and fire. The heavens began to burn and ash fell to the earth. Lunalle, born ‘Che’skn Dahst’ in the 340s ABY on the planet of Lorrd, amidst the erupting chaos on the planet. It was said that his mother, whom he never knew, went into labour as the battle erupted – and because of this, Che’skn was born partially deaf due to the rupturing explosions engulfing the city. Luckily, he and his family hid underground from the threats of the battle, but not all threats are so obvious. As sieges and relief came as quickly as it went, the terrible nature of war was inescapable. His mother, still weak from the birth, took ill and died to a plague that was quickly burning through the city’s densely packed inhabitants, most of whom lived in the underground sewage system where Che’skn and his family had been hiding too.

When the Republic’s final liberation came, most of those underground inhabitants had been run out by the Imperium’s vicious policies of slavery or extermination upon the hiding population or died grotesquely from a foul bout of illness, starvation and malnutrition. Che’skn’s family, what did number at twenty-eight grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, half-brothers and half-sisters had been reduced to twelve. After the death of his mother, Che’skn was raised by older sisters and aunts primarily, as his father took the loss of his wife terribly, soon escaping from his parental duties to join the Republic’s military as a volunteer. As the planet and people recovered from the devastating Imperium Wars, reeling between Republic and Imperial legislation and governance, Che’skn grew up around kind and caring individuals all sharing in their grief and emboldened by it. Though there was no formal school as it had been destroyed in the bombing and there was not enough money to rebuild it, Che’skn received the majority of his education from Jedi and humanitarian volunteers that were visiting the planets affected by the Imperium or the ensuing combat.

During this time, Che’skn began adopting the name ‘Lunalle’, which originated from a pet name he was given by one of his Jedi tutors, a padawan known as Jago Mirax. According to the strange white-skinned padawan, ‘Lunalle’ was a the name given to a playful and affectionate animal in the ancient history of his people, the Nagai. From Jago, Lunalle found an appreciation for learning, music and artwork – as the young man was a proficient teacher in those areas of life. As affection grew between the two, so too did Lunalle come into his own. Often he appeared lost in his own world, battling at imaginary figures with his stick or talking endlessly to himself; quiet and otherwise melancholy.

Though his surrogate family was mostly loving, the stresses of life often took their toll on such a huge family struggling to survive themselves. While they found comfort in each other’s arms, they too sometimes submitted to vile, abusive and, although rarely, violent behaviour when the stresses of life became too much. It was in this context that Lunalle, at age twelve, left his family and retreated to the aid camp of his friend, Jago. There, Lunalle was discovered to be sensitive to the Force, as he often emitted a strong, pungent sense in the Force to others. He was taken to Ossus, where his training as a Jedi began.

As a padawan, Lunalle quickly formed an affection for his studies. The other students were frightened of him when he was young due to the odd complexion of the Bith, but soon he made friends with his fellow students. Quiet and melancholy, the young Bith was soon apprenticed to a Master Ampho, who was visiting the Ossus praxeum on some related business. As she was not a resident of the Ossus temple, Lunalle soon found himself thrust off-world to help his mentor with her research and scholarship. Though his mentor was an aggressively academic individual, she saw a strong spark of not only enthusiasm but also innate ability in the boy. He took quickly to the more rigorous aspects of his training and learnt exceptionally quickly to the areas of Sense and Control. She noted throughout his training that Lunalle had an exceptional ability to control the elements of his body, with a powerful sensory ability refined by near-constant meditation. Though Lunalle never did ignore the training of his physical body, he spent far more time acutely refining his mind through both the Force and critical thought.

It was upon his Knighthood and his experiences in both the Republic’s military as a part of their Intelligence Bureau and tribal conflict on the outer-rim in an attempt to bring planetary governments into the Republic that defined Lunalle’s attitudes in his training and as a man. Slowly, he focused almost solely on the practice of blaster reflection and deflection, become a proficient if not mastered use of the form Shien. In his own words, “There are no more Lightsabers to clash outside of the walls of our temples anymore.” When confronted with the darkness of the Galaxy often found in the bleakest of places, he fell onto the wisdom of his late mentor. She was a fervent believer in the Light Side, often to the point of zealotry, and viciously embattled the young Lunalle’s flirtations with Potentium or non-Orthodox opinions of the Force. It was during the Vohai Civil War, and Lunalle’s experiences with the tribal Rodians’ blood magic and abuse of the Force, that he became ever more fervent in his ideology on the Force. While not obtuse, Lunalle slowly found himself becoming more and more rigid in his objective view of the Force and, by and large, the ‘enemies of the Jedi’. Often, these opinions clashed with his colleagues but Lunalle did not shy away from the debates on philosophy of the Force. It was what he had grown most comfortable talking of, the stalwart ally through all his years.

Now, Lunalle is getting older. In an attempt to spread his knowledge and what he saw as a worrying series of events, he requested a transfer to the Rannon Praxeum upon hearing of the collection of foreboding storms and second-hand reports from Jedi encountering an ‘unknown entity’ in the Force, otherwise known as ‘the Void’. His senses, always acutely aware, could tell something was in the air.