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Lucius Vein

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Dorin

Mentor(s): Zyrn Maron, Gabe Alkorda

Species: Kel Dor


Leaving his home world of Dorin for good, four year old Kel Dorian, Lucius Vein was being taken to the “junk yard” planet known as Raxus prime to excavate the remains of old ships with his parents.

His parents, who were scientists, educated him on the planet. Sometimes young Lucius was brought along to excavate with his parents as a school project. This was probably the most entertaining thing he had to do on the planet.

When Lucius was seven years old a jedi knight crash landed on the planet and was allowed to stay with the Veins until they had fully repaired his ship. While the knight was staying with them he claimed that young Lucius was force sensitive. It did not take long for his parents to decide that the jedi would provide a better life than they could give him on Raxus Prime.

Lucius was happy that he was going to travel to the temple and learn how to be a Jedi but was very sad that he had to leave his parents, for there were not many people on Raxus Prime and he spent all of his time with his parents. But when he arrived at the temple he was very happy…

He then joined the ranks of the hopefuls for a few months. He made many friends that he has now become close to. As the time went by Lucius began to feel at home and comfortable. But all was going to change as Lucius reached his third month at the temple.

While walking with his friend, Sasha Raven, through the halls he received a message on his commlink from one of the Masters of the Council. His friend also received one and they were told to head up to the council chamber. Once arriving , Lucius stood before four Council Members. After answering a few questions, he was welcomed to join the ranks of the Jedi Initiates.

He began his training with a burst of energy. Lucius learned abilities within his first two years at the temple. And even strengthened the bonds between him and his fellow students.

One year later, at the age of eleven, Lucius received word that his Mother had passed away. After he was granted permission to leave with his Father to return home to Raxus Prime, Lucius packed and prepared for his journey home.

Upon his arrival Lucius was greeted by many of his old friends. He was very upset on account of his Mothers death but hid it from friends. Nearly ten days passed before Lucius and his Father set course for Yavin IV.

After saying goodbye to his Father for the second time, Lucius hopped out of the ship and onto the outer wall of the Temple then climbed down into the gardens, eager to continue his training.

A few days before Lucius’ twelfth birthday, he was asked to meet Master Zyrn Maron at the Temple Shrine. After a few questions, Lucius was taken as Master Maron’s first Padawan.

Nearly a few cycles of training went by before Master Maron got sick on trip. Lucius spent a year waiting for his Master’s return until one day he was approach by High Counsil Member, Jared Quell. Lucius was then told that they had lost contact with Master Maron and he was to be trained as a Masterless Padawan.

At first he was upset. But after a long meditative session, he began to realize the good in this event. That he now had not one, but all the Jedi of the temple as teachers.

One cycle later, before attending his class, Jedi Master Gabe Alkorda asked him and Initiate Yulia Cera to come with him. He then told the two that they were to be his Padawans for there on. Although surprised, Lucius was excited and eager to begin his training under Master Alkorda.