JEDI HoloNet


Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Voss

Mentor(s): Serir Vun

Species: Voss


It was late into the year 395 ABY, when a Mystic upon Voss had a vision. Like most Voss visions, it was fragmented, disjointed. The vision was told to multiple Voss Interpreters, who spent the next couple of months figuring out what this vision meant, and eventually they all came to the same conclusion. At some point in the future, something will happen to the Voss people that they won’t be able to overcome on their own. That they will need assistance. This information was brought before the Three, who discussed what to do. When 411 ABY came around, they decided that for the sake of the Voss people, they would allow one of their children to be taken in by the Jedi in an attempt to foster a friendship with them.

Lucen-Zo was only nine years old when a messenger from the Three came to their home and told them to come before the Three. His life leading up to this point was pretty basic for a child of the Voss. He was raised to believe that the word of the Three was of the utmost priority. The visions that the Interpreters bring them, are of vital importance to the Voss, and the future of their kind relies upon it.

Throughout his life, he read the history of his people, studied the instances of how the visions saved his people. A desire to become a Mystic built up within him the more he read about their history, and about the way their people were tied to the Force through the visions that lead his people. The day they were told to come before the Three, Lucen-Zo felt apprehension like he had never felt before.

Rather than going to the temple where the Three reside, they went to a more local temple where the Three spoke to them via a hologram. It was there that they learned that Lucen-Zo was selected to go to the Jedi, and they talked a little about the vision they had received. And that he has a few days to get ready before someone from the Jedi would arrive to pick him up.

Lucen-Zo wasn’t sure how to feel about this. After all, he wanted to become a Mystic, and now everything he thought he knew… Was up in the air. He packed lightly, knowing he wouldn’t be able to take a lot with him. He spent the next few days saying goodbye to his friends and parents before the Jedi arrived.

The Jedi informed him that just because he was Force Sensitive, and was selected to go, there was a chance he might not get accepted into the Order, and then he was off to the temple. Seeing as he was only nine years old, he has never been very far home. They arrived on Ossus, and Lucen-Zo received quite the culture shock. Life on Ossus was a challenge for him, but he preserved through it all.

He was there for a year, and he was initiated into the Order. This made him nervous, and he felt overwhelmed. And on top of it, he was informed that he was going to be transferred to the Rannon temple and continue his training there.

The freshly initiated ten year old Voss wasn’t sure what awaited him there, but he pushed forward.