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Lorn Vitrae


Homeworld: Pamina Prime

Species: Human


Lorn Vitrae, son of Torvald Vitrae, grew up on a farm on the outskirts of the hamlet Gienia on Pamina Prime. Despite being surrounded by larger, more corporate farms, Lorn and his father still managed to scrape out a meager living primarily thanks to the kindness of the traders and townsfolk of Gienia.

Sadly, due to this impoverished lifestyle and the demands of the farm, Lorn was unable to receive a formal education. As a result, most of what he knows is the homely wisdom his father had given him over the years.

Life was peaceful, save for the minor hardships endured.

This peace wouldn’t last; in an attempted land-grab Bandits were hired to raid Lorn’s homestead and burn the crops, and as Torvald attempted to defend his land and his livelihood, he was shot.

Terribly injured, he limped his way back into his home, and collapsed onto his bed. He told Lorn to leave through the back door, and make sure the bandits didn’t see him, but Lorn froze in terror.

As all hope seemed lost a man in strange garb, a bathrobe, appeared and seemed to talk the bandits down before turning his attention to the home itself. Lorn, still frozen in abjective horror, made no moves to stop this oddly-clothed man as he opened the door, moved Lorn out of the room, and spoke privately with Torvald.

The conversation didn’t seem to last long, as Lorn was told that he was to leave with this man shortly thereafter, and that he would be safe in his care.

Lorn was taken to a ship, the first he’d ever been on, and was whisked away to a temple on Yavin IV.