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Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Kashyyyk

Mentor(s): Shaok Panek

Species: Wookiee


Lofbacca was born on Kashyyyk in 326 ABY.

Lofbacca grew up in a very small village on Kashyyyk, around many friends and family, Lofbacca was always very playful and made many friends with the younger wookiees, As Lofbacca grew he would have learned many of the things that Wookiees must learn to survive on Kashyyyk, Such as learning how to climb trees and forage.

Lofbacca would always be pestering his father to take him hunting in the Shadowlands, His Father replied with the fact that he was too young to do this, and that he had to practice more for his Hrrtayyk ceremony. Lofbacca would take this in stride and practice. Lofbacca would develop a great wanderlust by the time he was even. he would often sneak around the village at night, and climb to the very top of a tree, Lofbacca would often look up into the sky and wonder what the galaxy was like.

As usual Lofbacca went to pester his father, and ask what the galaxy was like. Lofbacca asked if he could go with one of the members of his honor-family to travel the galaxy, His father would agree. And Lofbacca would travel the galaxy for a year, Touring different planets such as Coruscant, Telos, And Corellia, It was only a matter of time before Lofbacca landed on Yavin IV after hearing about the history that took place on the planet, Lofbacca would eventually find himself at the Jedi Temple.