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Levi Astra

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Morgania

Mentor(s): Cael Dan'kor

Species: Morganian


Born on Telos IV, a sample of Levi’s midichlorian count was taken and forwarded to the Jedi Order for review – a standard practice amongst newborns. Upon reviewing the sample, the Order dubbed Levi a suitable candidate. Levi lived with his family; his parents and his four siblings on Telos, being tended to with much love and care. He was then transported with his parents to their homeworld of Morgania where he was made familiar with the planet’s atmosphere and surroundings at a young age. He led a normal life until a short time after reaching the age of nine where Levi’s parents were approached by Jedi Recruiters from the Jedi Order. They were informed of Levi’s sensitivity to the Force, despite them being made well aware a short time after his birth. After a short conversation with the Jedi Recruiters, Levi was separated from his family in a small ceremony and taken to the Jedi Temple on Ossus. There, he began a new life amongst new family members.


361.27 – Levi Astra is initiated at Ossus.
366.23 – Levi Astra is granted the Rank of Padawan Learner and is Apprenticed to Fay Udina.
367.09 – Fay Udina is K.I.A, Levi Astra Becomes a Masterless Padawan.
369.29 – Levi Astra is transferred to the Rannon Praxeum.