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Leo Undrul

High Councilor - Dantooine High Councilor

Homeworld: Naboo

Species: Human


Leo Undrul “The Articulate Ambassador”: Throughout his career with the Jedi Order, Leo has become well known for his diplomatic accomplishments, bringing peace to many unstable regions with his negotiation skills. Leo is known for his calm and soothing presence.


Leo Undrul* is born on 304.29 ABY.
Leo Undrul is initiated on 312.23 ABY in the Ossus temple.
Leo Undrul is apprenticed to Jedi Knight Fyonia Godds* on 315.22 ABY.
Leo Undrul is promoted to the rank of Jedi KNight on 331.02 ABY.
Leo Undrul takes on Elaine Feranz* on 333.03 ABY
Elaine Feranz is promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight on 347.03 ABY.
Leo Undrul is granted the title of Jedi Master on 347.12 ABY.
Leo Undrul transfers to the Dantooine branch and is made a Residential Councilor on 348.13 ABY
Leo Undrul is granted a seat on the High Council on 358.30 ABY.

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