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Lena Aleksandrovna

Lena Aleksandrovna
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Dantooine

Mentor(s): Corinth Alkorda

Species: Human


Lena was born in a small village on Dantooine, father Sydan Aleksandrov mother Lirana Aleksandrovna. Her father was an soldier on leave, but the history of her mother was clouded: no one knew where she was from and Lena didn’t even know relatives from her mother side. At the age of 3, her village was raided by sunguard raiders. Her father fell in battle to save his wife and child. Lena still sees the glims of the fire that burned her village down. She and her mother traveled to Naboo to seek for her aunt, but they find out that she passed away few months ago. Being on streets for few weeks with no money for a ticket to travel to Kasshyyyk, her mother looked for work.

After some time she and her mother traveled to Kashyyyk to find refuge amongst the wookiees. Lena and her mother started to live amongst them. A wookiee tribe shaman felt a strong energy in Lena and took Lena as his pupil, teaching her the ways of nature to understand that balance and the flow of time. Lena was a modern pupil and her will to learn and to understand was outstanding. The wookiee felt a strange wild force by Lena’s mother. The shaman consulted with the towns elder. Lena’s mother had a dark and clouded past: Lena like her mom was an decent from the old nightsister bloodline. The wookiees feared that the young Lena would become the new beginning of her past. The best way was to teach Lena how to control the power that one day would want to take over. Not taking any risk, they casted away her mother so, they thought, “that would be better for the child”. By the help of the wookiee elder, Lena Aleksandrovna was transfered to a secret academy of Dac with the hope that she would be saved from the cursed bloodline and she and her mother would meet again.