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Lars Killan

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Sorgan

Mentor(s): Serir Vun

Species: Human


Lars was born on a peaceful planet and brought up in a peaceful way of life; it was a simple life. Agriculture was what made their economy flourish and grow, and while not as sophisticated as other worlds, the people were bright. When Lars was born, his mother and father were shocked to see that he had no sight. Born with dull, foggy eyes, Lars never knew what color was, but as he grew, he didn’t let it stop him from learning to smile, nor did his parents.

As is with most blind cases, Lars had exceptional senses of hearing, smell, and touch, and made a habit of getting the most out of everything. Since the people on Sorgan used ditches full of water as part of their farming, Lars was always accompanied by a friend to keep him from falling. While at times he didn’t like it, Lars was patient, and enjoyed having someone to always talk to.

The day everything changed started like any other with Lars and a friend of his, Darm, out walking near the pools. When Darm was distracted by one of the girls, Lars placed his hand out in front of his friend’s chest, keeping him from falling into one of the farming waters. It all happened so fast, everyone involved was shocked, including Lars.

“How did you do that?” Was all Darm could say. Lars had no answer, simply staring at where he just saved his friend from falling into. It was trivial, since all Darm had to do was climb out, but the fact that Lars had stopped him from doing so caught everyone’s eyes, including a mystery man who stopped by Lars’ house later that night. While Lars spent time in his room, the man spoke with his parents, asking this and that, until eventually Lars was called into the main room for some tests. The man revealed himself to be a Jedi who wanted to offer Lars a chance at becoming one of them. Due to the lack of sophisticated technology, the Jedi had to take an M-Count test with blood. A day later, Lars was whisked away with the Jedi into space.