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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Kessel

Mentor(s): Unknown

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Dava Elora


Still grappling the sheer power of the Force, Landru brandishes his lightsaber with all the fervor one would expect from a brash, young Jedi. Already resourceful and dependable, Landru is one bright Light in the Force.


Landru’s connection with the Force, unlike most, bloomed in his late childhood. Under the living conditions, his schedule left no time for dwelling on other thoughts. As a child, he never had the benefit of a family to raise him on his homeworld of Kessel. The planet being famous for forced labor and mining. At Landru’s birth, his convicted father had left his mother out of spite leaving the family uncared for, and with no work to feed a family of now two. The child’s mother feeling cornered and no where to go left her baby in the mining facilities of Kessel.

At the early age of nine, Landru was forced to do, ironically, muscle work under the rest of the convict miners in the planet’s main trade. For two long years, he did forced labor in exchange for minimal living conditions in the planet’s under levels. By his eleventh birthday, Landru picked up what he could on piloting cargo ships and frigates and stole his resources manager’s cruiser. Setting course from the outer-rim to the mid-rim territories, he arrived at the corrupt-barren world of Nar Shadaa. As Landru set down on the planet, he sold the cruiser to the nearest spare parts dealer for pocket cash.
More than four years had passed during Landru’s time on Nar Shadaa. Taking small time smuggling operations became a pastime for work, to survive Nar Shadaa’s harsh streets. Over the four years, Landru found himself with more spare time on his hands. He had heard passer-bys and strangers talk about the mysteries of the Force and of its manipulators; the Jedi and the Sith. Feeling compelled by what he had heard, he studied whatever minimal aspects of the Force he could. And little did he know, his body knew more about it than his mind. Slowly but surely, his awareness of this grew.

A fateful day in the commercial district of sector A-13A brought Landru to where he is now. After his mandatory mechanical work in a nearby scrapyard, Landru and his aqualish companion, Qonda Remo, strode into a nearby diner for nourishment. Seated in a booth, the two awaited to be waited. Landru’s eyes drifted from the bar to a fruit on the table nearby. Straining himself, he eventually pulled the fruit from the center of the table to his still hand. Qonda let out a light squealing laugh as a shadow oversaw the booth. An elder man outstretched his hand to a soot-covered Landru and spoke with a smirk on his face, “Hello, young one. My name is Axem Keigoku.”

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