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Homeworld: Orax

Species: Shard


Born to a small shard cluster on Orax, the Shard was removed illegally from the cluster by marketeers. Planning to sell the shard on the invisible market for its rarity. It was not long before the shard was bought through back-market channels by a droid designer.

The designer was currently under the employment of an undisclosed hutt, tasked with designing an assassin droid capable of infiltrating businesses and guilds that go against the hutt. Though with time constraints and his own incapabilities, he resorted to the use of the Shard child. Creating a small, diamond shaped device with the shard inside, it was built to be implanted within any droid. Able to overwrite any control the droid had, the shard would be capable of what the designer needed.

As the Shard showed poor motor skills and mental capacity, the designer worried for his own safety for failing the hutt family that had hired him. He decided to flee, though had grown a small attachment to the fledgeling shard. Taking the machine housing the shard and fleeing to the republic space.

Dispite trying to train the shard to better control his motor functions and speech, he still was not a capable teacher. Fearing that the shard was going to slow him down or endanger him, he planned to send the shard away in secret. Implanting the mechanism housing the shard into a droid, he used the connections he had gained through the hutts and the invisible market falsify documents to have the droid stored onboard a shuttle headed for the secretive jedi convent.

Before leaving the shard, the designer used a modified restraining bolt on the mechanism housing the shard. It using powerful electric currents to target the memory the shard had for the designer and his time with him. Now less capable than it was before, the young shard awoke and reactivated the droid it was attached to in the temple hanger. Slipping away and into the temple, his current appearance making him easy to mistake for a droid of the convent.

Eventually his odd demeanor and speech caught the attention of Jedi Jerex Sol who became somewhat curious about the strange droid. Sol began questioning the droid about when he arrived and who he belonged to, unsure the shard fell back on the only thing he knew about, the information stored in the droid.

Having no information on how he arrived or where he came from, aswell as the droids knowledge of basic weapons repair and use made Sol worry about the safety of the convent. With the help of Arukh Bakh’tor, they further discovered it was not from the convent and it had arrived without records. They disabled the droid and Arukh went to seek the council of Jedi Master Rash Loist. In the meantime Sol asked for the assistance of Jedi Knight Motoko Isawa. Though she discovered the mechanism inside the droid that housed the shard, neither her or Arukh found the shard.

The shard, incapable of understanding believed the information of the droid it was attached to, thinking it was simply just an error. It was fearful but something made it feel like it belonged, though as Loist arrived, he made it clear that the droid was not to be allowed around the temple without further study.

After a while, the shard was sure it belonged in the order, hoping that it could belong. Though Master Loist decided against this, changing his orders the droid was removed from the temple. Sold to a trader in the city, the droids memory banks where wiped of anything of note. Taking note of the restraining bolt, the trader removed it. Flooded with blurred memories of where he came from, L143 panicked and almost struck out at the trader. Trying to get to terms with the sudden memories about his past and what he really was.

Contacting the order, the trader told them what happened. Hearing the news about a shard away from the seclusion of Orax was quite sudden, sending someone to recover the droid and try calm it down. L143 was brought back to the temple, where it now tries to fit back in, having trouble figuring itself out and its place in the order.