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Kyrios Vox

Kyrios Vox
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Mentor(s): Kieran Orion

Species: Human


LIFE ON NAR SHADDAA (320.07 ABY – 329.07 ABY):

His mother always told him he was born on Nar Shaddaa, in New Vertica, but he didn’t want to believe that, usually. He pretended that he was born between a space battle, on a starcruiser, where his father was in command. But that was just part of his imagination, that never really happened.
He lived with his mother in apartment that she bought with credits, which she got from work. She told him that she was a merchant, that travelled from one part of New Vertica to the other, so she usually left Kyrios alone in the apartment giving him everything that he needs for the day/cycle, and telling him about the things that he should do, while she is gone.
So most of the days he spent alone. From time to time when his mother didn’t return in the late night, or even the next day, he spent his time in New Vertica. He liked exploration, but he never made any friends, or even talk to anyone. He liked Nar Shaddaa’s cantinas, it’s foods and stories that travellers, from different worlds, told to each other.

His favourite cantina, was the Mandalorian one. It was located in the street, near the apartment, in which he lived his mother. He went there at least once per day, mostly because he liked the food served there. One of his favourites was the gi dumbling soup – a Mandalorian meal, that featured a soup with fish dumplings, called gi in Mandalorian language. Another thing that fascianted him where the customers. They all looked rough, like they just came from a battle. Their armors were usually made of plated metal, that carried blaster bolt marks. They also wore jetpacks, vibroblades and thousands of blasters and thermal detonators.

One day, as Kyrios ate his gi dumpling soup, which he bought with the credits, his mother gave him, he noticed a strange symbol on an armor, that a man was wearing. The armor was very old and beaten up, so was the symbol on it. Kyrios was curious what the symbol meant or who does it represent. It was a symbol, which he never saw before. The man with the old armor, that carried a symbol, sat down. Kyrios saw the symbol clearly, so he decided to make a sketch of it. He quickly pulled out of his pocket a pen and paper and sketched down the symbol, while he had the chance. The man soon, after a drink, left and Kyrios had the symbol sketch on the paper.

Some cycles later, he played with his starship toy that his mother bought him. He ran around the streets with it, pretending that he is leading an assault on an evil pirate cruiser. He was so busy with observing the ship in his hand, and making the noises of blasters and ship’s engines, that he bumped into a taller, a lot older kid. The ship fell from his hand and he fell on the floor. The tall kid looked at him with disgust. He started calling him names, while he picked up the ship which Kyrios dropped. “Give it back,” Kyrios yelled, with a slight anger in his voice, but the kid wasn’t listening, he just laughed at him. In that moment Kyrios loosed control and tackled the tall kid, making him fall to the ground. He started punching him in the face, as the tears of anger dripped from his cheeks, while the tall kid yelled for help and tried to plead for mercy.

Kyrios soon realized what he was doing, as he noticed the blood on the tall kid’s face. The few people, that were in the small street, were looking at him, with wide and shocked eyes. He suddenly grabbed the toy and ran away, in tears. He never spoke of that incident to anyone. He started hiding from the people of New Vertica. His favourite places became high on the rooftops, where he could almost reach out for the stars, where he was alone.

He loved his mother and she equally loved him, even if she left him alone in the apartment all the time. She never sent him to school, she taught him almost everything by herself. Kyrios was always interested of knowing at least something about his father, so he asked his mother, at the age of five, who he was. His mother looked at him with a sad expression and said, that he was someone that she once loved. He never asked about his father again, he just didn’t want to see his mother sad again, even if that meant he will never know anything about his father.

Kyrios was living with his mother for nine years and his mother wanted for him to become a Jedi. She knew that he is a Force sensitive and that he can communicate with the Force. She never told him how she knows, she just said: “Trust me, little Kyrios.” That time soon came, so his mother filled the application and soon a shuttle arrived to transfer him to Coruscant, for testing, if he is truly a Force sensitive.


Coruscant was very similar to Nar Shaddaa, but the days and nights were a lot shorter, so he never got used to it. He stayed there for a cycle, only for testing.

He stayed in his room most of his time, because he wasn’t actually allowed to leave it. They tried to send him school, but that didn’t really go well. So they hired a personal teacher to teach him something new and that went badly aswell.

The cycle past by and they found that he was truly Force sensitive. They decided to send him on a peaceful planet, called Alzoc III, where a small branch of Jedi is located, in hopes that he will start socializing. The shuttle came and it was time for him to start a new life – A life of a hopeful.