JEDI HoloNet

Kyle Ivary


Homeworld: Naboo

Species: Human


Kyle Ivary was born on Naboo to a middle-class family, who raised him and taught him about the planets and star systems. He eventually learned of the Jedi, and became fascinated with them. He dreamt of becoming one, but couldn’t find the chance.When Kyle was 6, his family heard rumours that the senator’s daughter was training as a Jedi, Kyle overheard his parents and was fascinated.

He was fascinated, obsessed with the Jedi even, and all he thought about was the Jedi. He would pick up something and imagine he had a lightsaber. He would pretend he could use the Force to move things. He had a good thought about himself as a Jedi.

As Kyle turned 7, His parents had taken a loan from the local Hutt to help pay for their home. When the time came for them to pay up, they could not, so the Hutt sent a bounty hunter after them. Kyle’s parents wanted him to be safe, so they travelled to the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV, where they believed they could protect him. Shortly after that, the Hutt found Kyle’s parents and killed them. Since he arrived at the temple, he learned through the results of medical exams, he was Force-sensitive.

Around the same time Kyle arrived at the temple, another young boy arrived at the temple. Kyle quickly introduced himself to the boy, named Jasek, and in the short time since they met, they became good friends. After the medical exam results came back positive, the Jedi Council called for the presence of Kyle and Jasek to the Council chambers. It was here the Council asked if they would like to be trained as Jedi. Kyle, spending most of his life wanting to be a Jedi, quickly said yes. Jasek followed suit, and the lives of these two will never be the same again.