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Jedi Knight - Sage Master

Homeworld: Rodia

Mentor(s): Alacee

Species: Rodian


Kuuroc was born on the planet of Rodia to the primitive Xarak clan which made its home in the rainforest. Rodia’s lands were infertile and rejected any attempt at agriculture. Nevertheless, the Xarak clan refused to take the New Galactic Republic’s foodstuff “handouts”, and so they hunted for nourishment. As a boy Kuuroc would help his elderly father hunt. After every kill, his dad would make him pray to Rodia’s gods to honor their sacrifice and the circle of life, and his youthful mother would teach him how to prepare and cook the meats. His parents weren’t particularly fond of gender roles. Much of the large-scale internal strife between Rodia’s clans were put to rest, but every now and again a skirmish would occur due to a breach in another clan’s hunting grounds. 

When Kuuroc was seven, another primitive clan which was known for its heathenism, the Kal’quis, attempted to “unite”, more like subjugate, the other primitive clans under its banner. The Xarak clan ignored it at first, but over time the Kal’quis took more ground and their army grew. The village elders began to panic as a brush with the Kal’quis was imminent. With no other choice, the Xarak clan swallowed their pride unlike the others and reached out to the “city dwellers” for protection. After a few cycles the planetary government, backed by the New Galactic Republic, sent a small army and a few Jedi Knights to push the invaders back.

Kuuroc and his family were forced to leave their homes and were taken to a refugee camp built by the Republic. Kuuroc was absolutely terrified, and hated how war made him feel and what it did to his people. Food and water were delivered to the camp once a cycle. It was odd for Kuuroc not to work for his food and drink, he thought. One cycle, a female Rodian Jedi Knight by the name of Alacee and her Miraluka Padawan were helping sort out and deliver sustenance to the camp’s occupiers. When they came to Kuuroc and his family, the female Jedi Knight took a particular interest in the young Rodian, sensing that he was Force-sensitive. With permission from his gracious parents, she pricked his finger and tested his blood, which validated her instincts. 

She spoke to his parents privately and arranged that the boy be taken for Jedi training at the Ossus Temple once the war was over. They agreed, feeling like they owed it to the Republic for protecting and providing for them in their time of need. 

It took the Republic nearly a year to defeat the Kal’quis due to their guerilla tactics. Afterwards, the Kal’quis signed a treaty with the Republic. Alacee, being a Jedi diplomat and Rodian, played a large part in the terms and details of the treaty. She followed through, and after the war was over she took Kuuroc to the Dantooine Enclave to be evaluated by the Jedi Council. During that time it was very difficult for Kuuroc to integrate with the other younglings, picking fights with children who taunted how he lived before coming to the Enclave. Following a year, he was initiated.  

After a couple of years, he completed the initial training and became a Padawan. By that time Alacee had finished the training of her Miraluka Padawan and took on Kuuroc to be her next student. Kuuroc traveled the galaxy with Alacee. She taught him the ways of the Jedi, the Force, and he accompanied her on many missions of diplomacy and peace. As he trained, he took an interest in the Force, history, and diplomacy; having seen the first hand effects of civil war he made it his mission to stop and put an end to it wherever possible. 

In his early twenties, Kuuroc finished his training and was granted the rank of Jedi Knight after settling a civil dispute on the planet of Kiffar. After a couple of years of being a Jedi Knight, Kuuroc requested to transfer to the Rannon Praxeum, believing his skills could be useful there in the upbringing of future Jedi.