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Kro’jan Touru

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Zonoma Sekot

Mentor(s): Cael Dan'kor

Species: Ferroan


Kro’jan Touru was born on Zonoma Sekot, just minutes after his twin brother, Ja’da Touru – making him the youngest child of Ducan and Lamntia Touru. His parents were both politicians. At a young age he showed interest in books and learning about other planetary systems as well as species inhabiting the Galaxy. Like his brother, he also seemed to possess extraordinary reflexes, which could not readily be explained. As a child, he dreamed of exploring these worlds and longed to become a pilot…but that was not to be – at least, not yet.

At the age of ten, Kro’jan and his brother were discovered to be Force-sensitive by a duo of Jedi investigators that had arrived on Zonoma Sekot specifically searching for potential Jedi candidates. His parents had long tried to explain their children’s marvellous ability to exhibit superhuman reflexes, but now they began to demonstrate uncanny ability to see certain events before they came to pass. They were only flashes at this point, but they seemed to amount to a lot more than just a simple deja-vu phenomenon. Having heard of the Jedi arriving on Zonoma Sekot, they wasted little time in securing a meeting. The Jedi preliminary tests proved without a doubt, that the twins were indeed, Force-sensitive.

After much deliberation, it was decided to be in the children’s best interest that they be trained in the ways of the Force. Their parents considered it a strange blessing for both their offspring to be so singled out, and although they had a very limited understanding of the Force and its intricate workings, they both feared and revered, the Jedi. Thus, at the age of nine, both Kro’jan and Ja’da Touru were sent to train with the Jedi in their Temple.