JEDI HoloNet


Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Csilla

Mentor(s): Coren Ran

Species: Chiss


Krei’dexx’onubi is the only child to Krei’drini’onubi and architect Krei’ng’onubi. With his mother (Krei’drini’onubi) deceased Krei’dexx’onubi spent most of his childhood with his father while he was on assignments on and offworld. He felt more at home on a space shuttle with his father’s co-workers or at a construction site than anything. Trying to follow in his father’s footsteps, Krei’dexx’onubi often watched over all the work his father accomplished and listened to all his stories of the job and daydreamt of making the same works of art. Aside from studying and drawing, Krei’dexx’onubi occupied himself often by staring into the sky at night as if he was looking for something or someone. He also had an aptitude for finishing his father’s sentences. “You sound more and more like your mother”, he would say. Most times it would be as simple as conversation and other times Krei’dexx’onubi would always “feel” when his father was hiding something.

Since he was three, on his birthday, he could always tell his father was overjoyed having his son by his side during the day. Yet, early the next morning he would wake up and wander to his father’s room who would talk in his sleep. Waking his father each time and comforting him saying things like, “It’s okay, father” or “Do you want something to drink?”. However, on his sixth birthday, Krei’dexx’onubi came to his father’s room, just as he had done on his previous birthdays, and woke him differently. This time, it was “I saw my mother just like you do father”. Without showing any emotion, Krei’ng’onubi listened to him describe his dream and his wife for an hour before sending him back to bed. Krei’dexx’onubi never seen his mother aside from pictures and has only heard stories of her but the way he described her in the shared dream frightened his father.

One night, while Krei’dexx’onubi was staying at a schoolmate’s house, Krei’ng’onubi went out to a local bar in the city to meet his co-workers for a few drinks and to play a couple card games. After a while, Krei’ng’onubi got on the topic of his son, how they shared the same dream, how his son described the dream and his mother in vivid detail. “Ahhh, he’s a boy Ingo! Kids always say crazy things” “What are you feeding the boy!” “You’ve been drinking, man. Relax”. The subject was brushed off and the men continued their games and drinks. After a couple hours, Krei’ng’onubi left for the shuttle back home but narrowly missed it. “Bah, drat!” he groaned. “Your boy, he is a child of the force”, a voice behind him spoke. Cutting his eyes as if he could see directly behind him he replies, “Excuse me?”. “I overheard your conversation in there, about your son. He sounds very interesting and by interesting I mean he sounds like he could share a certain attribute you are unfamiliar with” the voice said. Turning his head a few degrees, he manages to see a a cloaked figure with a slender frame standing not but 8 feet from him. An awkward silence ensued. The two stare at each other as if they were expecting the other to speak the next word. Krei’ng’onubi simply turns his head back around and waits for the shuttle that seemed to take forever to finish it’s route. Footsteps draw closer to him, “Listen, I know it must’ve been frightening but I assure you there is nothing to fear from the living force. What you experienced with your son is a very common event. Your son may be force-sensitive”, as the figure spoke the hood concealing their face was removed revealing a woman.

Krei’ng’onubi turned around completely this time with his mouth open ready to respond with something to get this person to leave him be but the words were quickly taken from him when he gazed at her. The woman stares back at him expecting him to regain his lost words but they were never found. Raising her hands in comforting manner she begins with, “I don’t mean to alarm or startle you, I’ve been sent here on suspicion of a possible force-sensitive.” Krei’ng’onubi and the woman catch the shuttle together conversing of the boy. As he explains his son, the woman manages to point out a few similiarities Krei’dexx’onubi has with other children who are force sensitive, she assures him the test wouldn’t cause him any harm and what would happen if he was indeed capable of undergoing jedi training. As the shuttle returns him to his home, the woman remains behind stating, “I know this is a bit of a shock to you but if your son is force-sensitive it will be up to him if he wishes to undergo training”. Krei’ng’onubi gives the woman a slight nod as the shuttle doors close and he returns to his home.

The next morning Krei’dexx’onubi returns home to his father sitting in their common area. “Have a seat, son”. Perplexed he questions, “Father? What is the matter?” Krei’ng’onubi sighs and responds only with, “We have a guest. She would like to speak with you.” The boy sits next to his father and notices the woman standing across the room. With a warm smile she opens up with a simple hello and an attempt at pronouncing his name. “Kray-dex-oh-newby, was it?” The boy gazes at her in silence, not shy, but reserved. He replies with, “Krei’dexx’onubi”. The woman smiles wider and emits a small chuckle, “I’m sorry, it’s a bit difficult to about I call you, Dexxo?” The boy blinks a few times and complies with the name. A few moments pass and the three converse on the pending test and what the results could bring.

“So, I’m force-sensitive? You’re taking me away?” he asks. The woman comforts him with, “Taking children is not what we do. Think of it as being given an invitation to be apart of an exclusive school. A club made only available to a small amount of people where you will learn amazing things like philosophy, politics and problem solving. Not to mention the physical demands, spiritual growth and team training. You will be attending this school other students, around your age, who are going through and have gone through the very same thing you are experiencing right now”. The sound and idea behind it intrigued “Dexxo”. “So, you’re…you’re a jedi?” the boy asks. The woman nods, “Yes, I am a jedi knight and like all jedi knight, I am here to guide you not to force you. To suggest an option not give an ultimatum. The choice is yours and yours alone, your father and I spoke on this earlier today and though, like you, he was a bit standoffish, he agrees that this decision is up to you.” Dexxo looks at his father and the moment he does he hears the words, “Son, I think this a great opportunity for you and though it isn’t something for me to decide for you I have to agree with the jedi. I’m not going anywhere I will remain here on Csilla continuing my work and she has mentioned you are alloted leave to return home to visit. I know I haven’t given you the greatest life and we have had to live an alternative lifestyle due to my work..” Dexxo interupts with, “Father I like it here, I like being with you, I don’t want to go!” “Krei’dexx’onubi…you’re growing up more and more like your mother, she was always the headstrong one, you have her determination, her drive, and I wouldn’t want you to settle with following in my footsteps if you have another path to walk. This is your journey..and whichever decision you take I will always love you, my son”. The two stand and hug, Dexxo’s head was held to his father’s belt, he had rarely heard his father tell him that he loved him. He knew he did but hearing it was something out of the ordinary. Krei’ng’onubi pats his son on the head and turns to the jedi and nods. Dexxo looks up at the jedi and goes to his room to gather a change of clothes without speaking a single word.

That evening, Dexxo shoulders a small bag of items and heads for the jedi’s shuttle outside. “I guess I’m ready, father.” Krei’ng’onubi places his hand on the boys back and guides him closer to the jedi. Before the boy enters the shuttle they hug one final time and his father tells him, “You’ve made me proud since the day you were born, never forget that. Come home whenever you like, I’ll be waiting to hear YOUR stories this time around.” Dexxo smiles and gives his father another hug before taking his seat on the shuttle.

Krei’ng’onubi notices his son staring at the night sky again and under his breath says, “Go find what you’ve been searching for” as his son leaves with the jedi.