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Krask Kabal

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Fedalle

Mentor(s): Wen-Ordo

Species: Trandoshan


Krask Kabal is unlike most of his kind, typically from Dosha, Krask was in fact raised on the planet of Fedalle, a prosperous world of heavy industry in the core world systems. For realities not known to Krask, he was brought to the planet after his father escaped Dosha unwilling to adhere to the proper trandoshan standard of watching his first born and strongest son eat his remaining unborn, which was Krask.

Krask was born to a Zeltron female of the name Ahrorah, who was given guardianship of Krask by the hands of Dosh, his father before he even hatched from his egg. Krask grew up in a industrious city in the town of Arkinazion, a town of predominantly humans Krask understood what it felt like to be alien at a very young age. Krask grew up in a single household with Ahrorah, his mother providing much of the
care and nurturing he needed growing up as a alien on a foreign world. He lived what some would describe as a sheltered existence, his mother would cook his meals, read to him and teach him valuable life lessons from a very young age, it was around the age of 5 is when she began to loosen her grip of the boy. Just then it was discovered how he would come to be the man he would become.

Just outside of the local market district there stood a playground where all of the young children who were of ages 5-7 would spend their time, either in the accompaniment of their parents (like Krask) or alone as some of them were. If you had to take a tally of the place, it would be about sixteen human children and Krask who looked out of place, but felt anything but. Krask was a bright and inquisitive young boy who had no idea he was different in the eyes of others at this point. Any time he would ask about his skin or his claws, Ahrorah would always be there to reassure his differences as something that just make him different, never less than.

He continued to visit this park under the watchful eye of his mother, over the next year or so during which time he was granted small bits of social activity with children who had their own parents in tow. One day when Krask was 6 almost 7 and had a handful of loyal friends, his mother got a bit comfortable, she left to the marketplace across the city to pick up some of the various items that Krask needed for nourishment and didn’t return immediately. As day slowly turned to dusk, Krask continued to play as if he normally would, he played tag with some of his closer friends and nothing other then the ordinary seemed of place. As dusk finally rolled in most of the kids had left, all but one of his friends who’s mother had left with Ahrorah hours earlier, stayed with him. Off in the distance, one of the youth gangs were about to hit the street looking for a bit of trouble, aged between 12-14 they were harmless street rabble to most but to Krask they might as well be adults. Trying to avoid eye contact of the roaming gang, Krask and his friend played as far away as they could, after a few moments the gang slowly worked it’s way over to the park.

“Hey guys check out the lizard boy! What a freak! I bet he smells like a hutt!” The chorus of the gang grew louder and louder as it approached, Krask being innocent to hostility before today, walked up to them as he normally did and began to offer a warm and sincere greeting, his hand outstretched for what he hoped was a group of new friends. The gang of miscreants and deviants had other ideas, suddenly they began to mock Krask incessantly about everything from the color of his eyes to the shape of his toenails, they pushed him around a bit and got more aggressive as he began to cry. The gang then began
to what can only be described as assault the young Trandoshan, in what was Krask’s very first taste of a hate crime.

“Hey guys knock it off! He’s just like one of you! He’s not even fighting back!” were the cries plead out from his only friend, Jeremy, throughout this ordeal. Try as he might he couldn’t get the boys to relent, they kept hitting Krask and mocking him until his young human friend had enough and delivered a punch with all his might across one of the gang member’s mouth. As blood spilled out and the boy
recoiled, the attention of the other gang members turned immediately to Jeremy, whatever they were doing to Krask was amplified ten fold as they began to pummel him ruthlessly. Krask meanwhile bore witness to the event mere feet from the ordeal, held down by the toughest and biggest of them all who looked to be about 16, he held Krask down as Krask watched with horror as his only friend was being
helplessly beaten, and maimed.

Krask was filled with a rage he had never felt in his entire life, nothing even close had ever prepared him for an event of this magnitude. The moment he watched Jeremy lose consciousness on a punch, Krask’s soul was filled with a fire that could never be quenched, he broke loose of the older boys grip with ease. He smashed his own skull into the boy’s head, he ruthlessly pounced on the fallen gang member and
began to beat him senseless, slashing him with his claws and breaking his ribs with his fists, jumped off the boy sated and filled with confident blood lust, he walked towards the remaining 4 gang members, two of which fled before he got there.

The remaining two, wished they had. Between the two of them Krask unleashed a ruthless flurry of wild attacks, strikes with quick and terrible efficiency, their skin was flayed, their bones, broken. A punishment worse then any they had given to Jeremy, Krask’s lust for their utter destruction was only getting started. Suddenly, he heard something that broke his will in the second it was echoed, the cries of his mother, Ahrorah running up through the market district to the bloody Trandoshan. Krask was stunned, it was just now the magnitude of the events just prior hit him and he started shaking uncontrollably, crying with a howl that echoed throughout the district. Ahrorah pointed Jeremy’s mother to her fallen son and scooped Krask up in the chaos running clutching him close to her breast as she ran as fast as she could to the speeder, knowing the severity of the crimes Krask just committed, unsure of if those other fallen boys would live or die.

So she did what she did 15 years prior when she ran from the Jedi Order, she fled, she flew as fast as she could away from that city and down into the deepest parts of the under city. Knowing her boy would never find justice in the human courts of Fedalle, she did want many mothers would do, she protected her son. Krask was all but asleep as she stumbled into a shanty, a hole in the wall that would hide Krask from the law while she could sort this mess out. Krask stayed there for the next couple months as his mother provided for him, she made him painfully recollect each and every moment, every emotion. She did everything in her power to convert it into empathy, into compassion, into patience. Feeling the power within her boy and recognizing it for what it was, she knew she did all she could for him, if Krask was to have hope of learning to control this power he would need the Jedi.

Enough funds were put together to put Krask on a ship leaving Fedalle, the burnt ashes of his old life behind him with nothing but his mother’s compassion and 17 credits to his name it was enough to get him to Rannon. She gave him a list of food, and a kiss goodbye with parting words. “Krask if you are to become the man you are destined to be, you must learn to control the force, or it will control you.