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Kole Un’Haku

Kole Un’Haku
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Serenno

Mentor(s): Fay Rel*

Species: Human


Serenno is a world where bloodlines still matter. Situated in the Outer Rim, interconnecting both the Hydian Way and the The Spurs of Celanon trade routes and ruled by a Council of six Great Families since its founding, Serenno has been a hot-bed of intrigue and anti-republic sentiment. Members of the Nobility would go to great lengths, vying for power and advancement in the planet’s social hierarchy. For you see, while bloodlines did matter, they were not, by themselves, enough.

This was the case for the Un’Haku family. Which, although a cadet branch tracing its lineage back to the Great House of Pialagasu an ancient and revered house by all accounts, has had its fair share of poor leaders- letting the house get the short end of any political agreement. It seemed that the house was destined to crumble. All up until the birth of Pialag Un’Haku the third, named in light of the presumed founder of their house. And he was man who would change everything. Having spent his childhood hearing all the stories of the great heroes of his family, their exploits and the power his House once held, he felt compelled to return his family to its former glory.

Pialag directed all his energies towards this endeavor, employing various tactics to undermine the higher-ups. In his mind, being regarded as a failed house had its benefits; “Smaller things often go unnoticed by others,” as his mentor used to tell him. When his house achieved a respectable standing, he began to grab the attention of other houses of similar standing, one such house was the house of Richelaux, a minor house of nobility, but one responsible for a good chunk of the planet’s trading sector- something Pialag wanted in on.

House Richelaux leader, a highly reputed tradesman, sought to ally himself with an older, albeit weaker house, so that he may give his line a higher level of legitimacy in the eyes of the Great Houses. The man had a beautiful daughter, and seeing an opportunity in front of him, with the rising Pialag, he took it. Richelaux arranged a meeting with Pialag by proxy, and the pair met for a quiet, albeit extravagant, dinner in Pialag’s estate. Realizing the common grounds which they shared, they agreed to the proposed marriage- wedding Richelaux’s eldest daughter to Pialag, in exchange for substantially increased trading space in Carannia’s trading district, as well as expanded trading rights and reduced tariffs.

Pialag would meet his wife, Roxana Richelaux, a ridiculously stunning woman, a short while later. Although their initial courtship was bumpy, Pialag’s charms soon began to take their effect, and the pair, falling madly in love, married some time later. Soon after this marriage, however, what Pialag would often refer to as the greatest moment of his life, happened- his wife gave birth to a son, whom he named Kole, in light of his beloved late mentor. As soon as his son could walk and talk, Pialag took it upon himself to instruct him in the arts of politics and statesmanship. Often, he would take him along in his meetings and dealings with the other aristocrats, keeping him close by, so that he may learn and absorb all he could. And Kole being the attentive young boy did exactly that.

He was content to follow in his loving father’s footsteps- to work to empower his family once more. To him, his father was a hero. A man who had worked long and hard to uplift the ones he loved and cared for the most. For a time, Kole was happy. However, as Kole and his father soon learned, intrigue was difficult to predict, for even those closest to you could undermine and topple your efforts when you least expect.

It was that time, again, the time when all of the planet’s nobility, and many dignitaries from off-world, joined in for the Grand Assembly. To miss such an event was considered a crime against one’s family, for it was in these meetings that the lesser, weaker houses were judged- their accomplishments publicly recognized by the Great Houses. On the surface, though, the Grand Assembly was presented as a massive celebration of the planet’s continued peace and prosperity. Pialag had no intention of missing out on what he expected to be another step in his family’s ascension to power.

He brought along his wife and son, meeting up with various dignitaries and nobles, from Serenno, New Alderaan, Hapes, the New Republic, even Imperials, and many, many more. Serenno was a vital planet on the Outer Rim, you see, and its families, rumored to be the greatest and wealthiest in the entire galaxy, attracted much attention. Over the course of exchanging pleasantries, following his father and mother closely, making sure to bow his head just enough to seem respectful, but not so much so as to seem subservient, smiling just enough to seem genuinely pleased to meet them, though not so much so as to imply that he cares, Kole did exactly as his father instructed leaving a good impression on those that he met.

While his parents got were caught up speaking to a group of their friends, though, Kole’s eyes caught a distant figure. Hooded, and dressed in rather drab trappings, he made a few steps forwards to get a better look at the figure, but his mother’s voice broke his concentration. Looking away for an instant, to see what she needed, he found, upon returning his gaze to where the figure was standing, that it had left. He let out a faint grunt, shaking his head, thinking that it was just a figment of his imagination- the continuous meetings taking a toll on his mind.

“Well, this was a lot of talking,” Pialag snarled. “Let’s grab ourselves a few drinks”, gesturing for his wife and son to follow him as he grabbed a few glasses off of a servant droids tray, raising his glass in a silent toast and taking a sip of his beverage; the wife and son waited, as it was customary to have the head of the family have the first drink. Pialag burst out suddenly, batting away the drinks in his son’s and wife’s hands, horrified, they watched as Pialag fell onto his knees and then collapsed on the ground, his body shaking violently in what appeared to be a seizure. People began to gather around, Kole and his mother screaming at the top of their lungs for help, fearing for Pialag’s life, but to no avail for no one came to their aid. It seemed as though there was no hope left.

When all of a sudden that hooded figure pushed its way through the crowd and placed a gentle hand over Pialag’s forehead. The father stopped shaking. Kole and his mother were astonished, as was the crowd. The hooded figure, who was revealed to be a young human female smiled at Kole, speaking in a reassuring tone, “Your father will be alright.” She would proceed to close her eyes, pressing her hand against the noble’s forehead, light beginning to escape from underneath her hand as she appeared to channel her energy to heal Pialag. Kole could feel the surge of energy around him; it was as though he fell under the warmth of a mid-summer sun. It was soothing and reassuring. He knew his father was, as the figure had proclaimed, going to be safe. Pialag woke up shortly thereafter, grabbing a tightly onto the hands of his wife and son. The two were extremely happy to see him alive, but the wife fearing possible intrigue called for the driver and they left, along with their savior, to the safety of their estate.

The family was immensely grateful to their savior. The woman identified herself as a member of the Jedi Order, stating that she was happy to have been there to help. Pialag offered the woman anything she asked for as compensation for her deeds, but she refused, stating that it was only her duty. Impressed with her devotion and restraint (as well as fearing for another attempt on his life), he invited her to stay in the estate for a while, to which she, for unknown reasons, agreed to rather readily. Over her time there, Kole would come to know her as Jedi Knight Fay. She was a newly christnened member of the Circle of Healers, that group of the Jedi tasked with using the Force to cleanse others of illness and pain. Jedi were not entirely foreign to Kole, but it was the first time he had met one, and more importantly, this Jedi saved his father’s life, so he took a particular interest in her- spending his days showing her around the estate, asking her about herself, her Order, and so on.

Fay was amused by the boy’s exuberance and eagerness, more importantly, though, something else made her find the child particularly interesting. It had been the reason she had agreed to extend her stay at the estate- she could feel the Force flowing strongly through the boy. While she was not a Watchman, all Jedi were tasked with the duty of finding and recruiting new Force sensitives to the Order. “Perhaps this child was a possible candidate,” she thought to herself.

A few days into her stay and the estate’s alarms sounded- an intruder had penetrated the perimeter. Kole, awoken abruptly by the alarm’s chiming, ran towards his parent’s bedroom, only to find the assailant standing over his bloodied father, his mother laying on the floor by the bed, unconscious. The assailant, flourishing his weapon, moved in for the kill. His strike was, however, intercepted by the Jedi who leaped in from across the room, blocking his attack and kicking him backwards. Cornered, he saw in Kole an opportunity, activating a grenade and tossing it towards him. The Jedi, having anticipated his movements by a few seconds time, used the Force to push the grenade out, through the window. It exploded in mid-air, shattering the glass. The man had escaped, though he had left the family with much to consider.

After recovering, Pialag realized that things were getting a little too heated. It seemed to him that he had angered far more powerful people than he had originally thought. He could not keep his family, his son, especially, here. His thoughts went to the Jedi, “perhaps she could find them a safe haven, away from here”. He beckoned the family and the Jedi over, and spoke frankly about the situation. Kole felt angry; he did not accept his father’s willingness to surrender- he found it cowardly and weak. The young Jedi, though, tempered the boy’s anger, telling him that his father was only thinking of the safety of his family- the father nodded in affirmation, but not before adding, “I never said anything about surrender, my son.” He offered his son a lopsided smirk, a smile the boy had grown to appreciate.

Roxana refused to leave, however, deciding to stay alongside her husband. Stating that she will endure what he would, as she promised so long ago, when they took their vows of marriage. The husband smiled, comforted by his wife. The Jedi, bowing her head politely, asked Cole to follow. The boy stood for a few moments, as though absorbing the moment; keeping a mental image of this last memory he was to have of his family before setting off, walking behind the Jedi. Although initially silent, Cole eventually broke this self-imposed muteness of his and asked the Jedi were they were headed, she told him that they were heading to the Jedi temple on Coruscant. He nodded softly. Fay was surprised at the boy’s heightened insight for his age, she smiled faintly before punching in the coordinates and making the jump for hyperspace…

Upon hearing of his mentor’s recovery, Kole rushed to Coruscant, leaving Alzoc III’s enclave for a few cycles. Feeling loyal to his mentor, Kole petitioned for transferring back to Coruscant to aid her in recuperating and continue working alongside her. After some debate on the matter, the Council concerned over his attachment to his former Master, he was eventually allowed to return, should he be willing to accept extra duties in the field, in hopes of not crushing his loyalty to his Master and nurturing his sense of independence. He quickly agreed, and his transfer was approved.


300.02 ABY – Birth Date.

309.16 ABY – Initiated in the presence of the High Council on Coruscant.

312.01 ABY – Kole Un’Haku is taken as Fay Rel’s* Padawan Learner.

322.05 ABY – Knighted in the presence of the High Council on Coruscant.

322.26 ABY – Transferred from Coruscant to Alzoc III.

324.04 ABY – Kole Un’Haku returned to Coruscant.