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Koh Zin


Homeworld: Ossus

Species: Kel Dor


Koh Zin was born on the planet of Ossus in the city of Knossa. Neither of his parents were force sensitive. But his sensitivity to the force was inherited through his mother’s side of the family whom his uncle, Koh Tu, was a Jedi and his grandmother, Sha Tu, was a Baran Do Sage. Koh Zin’s parents arrived on Ossus to mourn the death of Koh Tu who died during the battle of Dantooine when the Sith attacked. A few days after their arrival on Ossus, Koh’s pregnant mother gave birth to him on Ossus Day, a day the Jedi Order held sacred to them and used it to remember the Jedi who had fallen in Combat. When Koh was born, he did not receive his own traditional name because of his parents not able to follow the tradition of naming their young. So, he was named after his uncle in remembrance.

Koh Zin lived a normal childhood, his parents were not poor and the environment he lived in was very pleasant. But Koh was shy around others growing up. He and his parents were the only Kel Dors he had ever seen, so this created a sense of loneliness within him. He did not know much about his own people, but the simple fact of looking different from everyone else was enough to spark this feeling. Koh did not have many friends, because he would spend most of his time with his parents, almost afraid of the outside world of Knossa.

Some time at the age of five, Koh Zin was found in the city’s main square looking at his reflection within the fountain by a Jedi Knight named Wen-Ordo. The knight saw something in Koh and decided to watch over him for a few days and after this period, Wen-Ordo would ask Koh Zin’s parents for permission and transport him to the planet of Rannon.