JEDI HoloNet

Klary Vals

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Dac

Mentor(s): Heron Liagri

Species: Quarren


Her parents weren’t ready for her. They had other things on their mind, more important matters than raising a child. They had their careers, and they had each other. Nyl Vals owned and managed a small deep-mining enterprise. Rare earth sites would only last a few weeks before being dried up, then the enterprise would move on. Layla Vals was the enterprise’s guide and seeker, an expert prospector, exploring the depths for the next place to be.

So, they weren’t around much. Constantly on the move and exploring the depths was their passion, and thankfully it paid pretty well. They decided they’d get a tutor for Klary. Someone who’d care for the household on Morjanssik, who’d care for Klary and bring her up, taking care of all necessities. They opted for Tutor, a state of the art AI developed with flexibility and full coverage in mind.

Tutor naturally became the most important anchor in Klary’s life. Hooked up into the home’s systems, Tutor managed everything in Klary’s life, coordinating the droids for physical tasks, and teaching Klary himself, taking on the guise of a miniature Quarren through holoprojections. He was given financial and legal responsibility for Klary, and took care she went to pre-school as she neared 3 and tried to get her interact with other beings as much as possible.

Klary’s earliest years went by uneventfully. She saw her parents several times per cycle still. They were quite fond of her, considering none of the effort of child raising were theirs. She had a limited but somewhat sufficient amount of non robotic contact, learning both Quarren and Mon Cala as she interacted with members of both species.

As she neared her fifth birthday, she was detected by standard means as having potential. A Jedi sentinel discussed with her parents and Tutor her transfer to a Jedi temple to be trained. Nyl and Layla had not grown too attached and let her go quite easily, but Tutor was adamant she was too young to leave alone to an unknown place.

A compromise was reached – Tutor would accompany her and continue guiding her for her basic needs and tutelage for her early years in the Order. Klary was given an almost bulky (for her size) bracelet she carries on her right arm with holographic capabilities and Tutor’s AI active inside. He schedules and organises her day, takes automatic notes on all encounters, teaches her basic, writing, arithmetic and everything else she might need.

Klary’s too young to really understand what the Jedi are and what they do, and much of her character will be forged at the Jedi temple, through her primal interactions with everyone. That said, Tutor carries an inordinate influence on her development. His affectionate and controlling nature guides her.