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Kiwron Tirladdik

Kiwron Tirladdik
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Rash Loist, Azra'elre'nim

Species: Cathar

Padawan(s): Virtuo Alegan


While his abilities with the Force are not to be ignored, Kiwron’s primary talents have always laid in the field of lightsaber arts and swordsmanship. Usually calm and collected (if quiet), Kiwron is also possessing of no small amount of discipline, both physical and mental.


With no small amount of skill in Shii-Cho and the lightsaber arts in general, Kiwron is considered one of the better duelists of his generation. It is rumoured that his studies have even branched into Juyo, the seventh form of Lightsaber combat in an effort to curb or at least control his emotional outbursts.


Kiwron is a supposed subspecies Cathar born on Coruscant to two full-blooded Cathar Jedi Knights. As nurses raised the young child, the parents planned to retire from the Order to live normal lives with him when he reached the age of four. Kiwron was raised just like any other child at the nearby hospital staffed by volunteers. A year after his birth, Kiwron was revealed to be force-sensitive by a resident Jedi. After delivering the news to the parents, the Jedi reported the information to the High Council of Coruscant. A meeting was held concerning Kiwron’s situation between his parents and the Council. They were going to send Kiwron into adoption right away to disrupt the emotional attachments with the parents. As Kiwron was force-sensitive, his father proposed the idea of Kiwron training to become a Jedi. The council agreed and decided to send him to Alzoc III at the age of five, but only under the condition that his parents avoid influencing Kiwron during his training. The parents reluctantly agreed in hopes of having the opportunity to see Kiwron again later.

Kiwron spent the first five years of his life at the children’s care in the hospital he was born in, where his parents made secret visits to see him. He was a free-spirited child who loved making friends and was never shy to show it. Despite his outgoing nature, he never had much to say. Due do his surroundings, Kiwron knew nothing of his species or culture. The more he stayed at the hospital, the more he wished to be with his parents. When the day came that Kiwron turned five years old, he saw them for the last time when they picked him up to take Kiwron to the transport for Alzoc III.

Kiwron arrived on Alzoc III where he met Aayla Vigil and Arkallon for his initiation to begin his training.