JEDI HoloNet

Kitani Corandel

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Zeltros

Mentor(s): Geminae Zil

Species: Zeltron


Kitani Corandel was born Kitani Midanyl on her mother’s homeworld of Zeltros, though conceived while her mother had been an entertainer on Coruscant. Her mother was adamant to keep her daughter away from politics, sparing no time once she found out she was pregnant – she left the politically charged capital planet and returned home. When she was born, being half human, she had noticeably lighter skin than most Zeltrons, more pink than red; her hair a dark raven.

Her mother kept her busy from the moment she could walk and talk – teaching her to dance and sing – to entertain, just as she had been trained as a child. This kept Kitani from asking questions about her father until she developed into a naturally curious child at the age of 6. Her mother was adamant on keeping her focused, graceful and elegant, conjuring a lie that her father was a simple passer by on the planet. By then Kitana’s pheromones had developed enough that she understood the culture of her planet, she believed her mother’s lie.

By the age of 12, she’d become just as natural at entertaining as any other Zeltron adolescent. Her mother praised her at being even better than she was at her age, having witnessed her daughter easily persuade other Zeltron girls to trade partners so that she got the ‘better looking’ ones. Things were going smoothly until the day a Jedi Knight found her. Commissioned by her true biological father, a senator on Coruscant, he told her the truth of her parentage. Still naturally curious, she agreed to leave her home planet and accompany him back to Coruscant. Along the way he asked her about herself, and she naturally boasted of her strengths. This lead to him testing her in a few ways to pass the time, only to have him alter their course for Ossus when he discovered she had an affinity with the force.