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Kishon Sanria

Kishon Sanria
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Lvcam

Mentor(s): Axem Keigoku

Species: Human


Kishon Sanria was born on the planet of Lvcam. Not much is known to the rest of the galaxy about Lvcam, due to the fact that up until several decades ago, it was largely self sufficient. To compensate for this lack of intergalactic trade, huge factories and production facilities were built all over the planet. These factories produced extreme amounts of polution, which eventually presented a serious problem for the planet.

Rivers became contaminated, infants were being born with upper respiratory problems, and the entire civilization was on the brink of collapse. As food became scarce, the government of Lvcam pulled togeather, and rallied the population to promote a pollution clean-up effort. Millions of Lvcaminites came forth to support the effort. One of these brave people was Udari Sanria, Kishon’s father. The work was difficult, and incredibly dangerous, but the workers labored on. Kishon’s mother, Adriana was working as a hospital volunteer when she met Udari. About a year and a half later Adriana and Udari were married.

Udari Sanria continued to work as a pollution cleanup volunteer, and as the years went on, the efforts of the population began to reap great results. The once self sufficient planet of Lvcam began to trade with other planets, which also offered their support on the cleanup efforts. Toward the end of the pollution problems, there was a terrible accident in one of the cities on Lvcam where a pollution cleanup vehicle crashed, caught fire, and exploded. Twenty-nine people were killed in the accident, one of them being Udari Sanria.

About a week after Adriana received the news of her husband, she discovered she was pregnant with a child. Though she was terribly distressed by the death of her husband, she was comforted to know they would have a son. She decided she would name him Kishon, which is a combination of two words from an ancient traditional Lvcaminite language. It is taken from Kishito, which means “Hope” and onsari, which means “Through tragedy.” In the ancient tongue, the words were combined into the word Kishiton, meaning “Hope through tragedy.” Adriana settled on the name Kishon.

Her pregnancy had no complications until the day of the birth. During the procedure, Adriana showed no signs of trouble, but her health began to rapidly decline the moment Kishon was born. One of the doctors involved in the procedure described it as though Adrinana was giving herself completely to the birth of this child, as though it would not have been made possible otherwise. So Kishon was born into a world with no parents. After his vital life signals stabilized, he was taken to the local iktosh, or orphanage.

Orphans did not receive the privileges of most children, yet there were not treated with neglect as they are in other areas of the universe. Each infant is looked after carefully in the iktosh, with a nurse for every five to ten infants. Kishon was fairly fortunate because he was the only new infant brought in for several years, therefore he received individual care from a nurse. Throughout his infancy he had very good health, and was released from the nurse’s care by the time he was three. In his new living area, Kishon shared a room with fifteen other boys, most of whom were at least five years older. These older boys would often pick on Kishon, yet he never retaliated, even when he was physically beaten. He had no true friends at the Iktosh. The closest he had to a friend was the Headmaster of the Iktosh himself, who was a kind and caring man, but they were not what one would call friends.

About two years later when Kishon was five years old, he had a very unique and life changing experience. Every day the orphans were given an hour to eat lunch and have free time. The rest of the day was spent doing work so that the Iktosh could sustain itself. Much of this work was artisan based such as carpentry or light textile work for the girls. During one of these free times after lunch, young Kishon went outside to continue his normal daily routine. He enjoyed spending time outdoors, so on nice days he would go outside and dig holes or find bugs or things of that nature in the iktosh yard. On this day, some of the older boys saw him by himself and decided to pick on him. Kishon had begun to try not to acknowledge the older boys, hoping they would leave him alone. However, as he ignored them, they only became more angry. One of the boys became so angry he picked up a rock and hurled it at Kishon for his diplay of “disrespect.” Kishon saw the boy throw this rock and buried his face in his hands. He waited, but nothing happened. He looked up to see the rock suspened in front of his face. It then crumpled into tiny pieces and fell to the ground. The other boys were horrified and all went away together. Gossip spread quickly from orphan to orphan in the iktosh, and Kishon was no longer the victim of bullying, but fear and misunderstanding. Most of the adults at the Iktosh as well as the other orphans began to treat him with a type of mild neglect.

Due to his seclusion, Kishon spent most of his time reading alone. He was a bright child from an early age, and all of his reading and studies fostered that aptitude. He enjoyed reading about the other planets and cultures of other civilizations. He also became very good at formulating opinions on his own, due to the fact that there was never anyone around for him to talk with. His life continued much like this for several years.

Two weeks after Kishon’s tenth birthday he had another unique experience. He was often sent out on errands for the headmaster, which he enjoyed, because it was usually the only time he got to spend in the town center. On this day he was delivering a grocery order to the local market. He walked out of the market and saw a small crowd of people accumulating in the street. He walked over toward the crowd, motivated by curiosity, and looked through the gaps to find out what all the fuss was about.

He than saw a man standing there with unusual robes that he had seen somewhere before. He thought about it, but he could not place where he had seen clothes like that before. The man began walking away when he stopped, turned around and looked directly at Kishon. Kishon did not know what to do, so he turned and walked away and went back to the iktosh.

When he got back he remembered where he had seen a man like that. That man was a Jedi. Kishon had read about Jedi before, and he loved reading about them. He stayed awake that night thinking about why the Jedi had turned to look at him.

For a few weeks following that Kishon displayed a renewed attitude, he was happier and more excited, though he could not know why. About three weeks after he had seen the Jedi, he came down the stairs of the Iktosh and saw a man talking to the headmaster. He did not want to interrupt, but he did want to know what they were talking about so he peeked around the corner and did his best to listen. He saw that that the man was another Jedi, but not the same one he had seen a few days earlier. Then Kishon saw the other Jedi he had seen several weeks ago with the other Jedi and the headmaster. Kishon went back up to his room and was filled with a strange excitement.

Kishon was sitting on his bunk, alone in the room, when he saw the older Jedi enter. The Jedi introduced himself as Gabe Alkorda, and that he was from the Jedi Academy currently on Yavin IV. Knight Alkorda also explained to Kishon that the Jedi he had seen before was named Hal Raykin. Hal had been writing a report for the council on Lvcam, and that he had seen Kishon during the report. It was then that Knight Alkorda asked Kishon if he would like to go back with the two Jedi to their Academy. Kishon had nothing except his parents to keep him on Lvcam, so he made the decision to accompany the Jedi. He did not know what his life would hold, but he did know his future was no longer in Lvcam.

Once on the ship bound for Yavin IV, Knight Alkorda talked with Kishon for a long time. He told Kishon a little about the history of the Academy, and a little about some of the people he would meet. He explained the rules and the manner in which Kishon should conduct himself. Kishon was eagerly awaiting their arrival as he listened to Knight Alkorda speak.

They landed on Yavin IV in the middle of the day. Kishon was pleased that it was a beautiful day, and that the climate was much nicer than the climate of Lvcam. He walked through the huge gates of the Academy, and into the courtyard. The Academy was beautiful. There were trees and gardens and Kishon was taken back by it all. The first person Kishon met in the temple was Master Axem Keigoku, a very wise Master of the Jedi order. Master Keigoku was extremely kind to young Kishon, who was quite nervous to be speaking with someone so important, or at least as highly regarded as Master Keigoku.

After that Kishon took his small bag of belongings and took them to his room. For a time he was the only one to occupy the room. He enjoyed having a room to himself. Another thing he enjoyed about the Academy was the classes that occurred regularly. He did not know much about things such as the Jedi Code or the Force, but he was eager to learn and eager to study. He also practiced some basic hand to hand sparring skills with some of the other students of hopeful status.

His studies continued in this manner for a little over a year until he was initiated into the Order. He was now officially on the path toward becoming a Jedi Knight. He was know able to attend initiate classes as well as carry a training saber. He continued to study diligently, showing visible signs of progression and improvement. He remained an Initiate for several years.

A few weeks after his 16th birthday, Kishon was practicing saber offense techniques in the audience chamber. He thought he felt a presence behind him, so he turned off his saber, and turned around to see Master Axem Keigoku standing there smiling and watching him practice. Master Keigoku then proceeded to talk to Kishon for a while. Kishon found the questions somewhat unusual, but answered them anyway. Then Master Keigoku asked Kishon if he would accept him as his mentor. Kishon was blown away. He immediately accepted the honor and rank of a Padawan Learner.

Over the course of the next several years, Kishon trained under the watchful eye of Master Keigoku. He progressed quickly and learned new things, and grew closer to becoming a Jedi Knight.

One day Kishon was sitting alone in his room reading. When he reached a point at which he felt he had read enough, he put on his robes and prepared to go into the Academy. When he opened his door he saw a package sitting in front of his door. He had no idea what it was, for he had not sent mail to anyone else recently. He took the package, which was small yet rather heavy, and put it on his desk.

He opened the packaging to reveal a beautiful lacquer box which was neither large nor small. He recognized the insignia on the lid of the box to be the insignia of the Iktosh where he had been raised. He opened the lid of the box to reveal a curved dome-shaped holo projector. He pushed the button on the top of the device, and a holograph emitted. Kishon recognized it as the headmaster, and the message told Kishon that in his mother’s will she had left several items to be given to Kishon when he was old enough. The headmaster hoped Kishon would come to receive these items. Kishon left almost immediately with the small amount of credits he had saved. Upon arrival he received many items from his father and mother, but the two things he cherished most were his father’s knife, and his mother’s journal. These items provided Kishon with a bit of knowledge about the parents he had never known.

He returned to the Academy about two weeks later and resumed his training where he left off. He continued to enhance his abilities and deepen his understanding of the Force. He was visibly faster, stronger, and more united with the Force.

The Academy then moved off of Yavin IV and into a new facility on Bespin. As Kishon was maturing, he began to enjoy seeing new initiates received into the order. He remembered back to when he was an initiate and felt shy and withdrawn. He made an effort to talk with the hopefuls and initiates so that they would hopefully become more extroverted.

It is a custom on the planet of Lvacm to give a child distinctive facial markings. When that child turns 18, their facial markings are re-done. The knew marking symbolize their entry into adulthood. Kishon re-did his own racial markings on his 18th birthday.

About a year later, when Kishon was 19 years old, he received word that there was to be a memorial ceremony on Lvcam to honor those who died in the pollution disasters. Kishon decided to attend the event, and left shortly after.

The planet of Lvcam had changed much since his last visit, and he was glad he had decided to return for this trip. A very large monument was erected that year, with every name of those who died. Kishon spent a very long time looking for his name. He eventually found it, and sat on a fountain and reflected on honor, himself, and his destiny as a Jedi. This trip was a highly monumental time in the life of Kishon Sanria, and he returned to Bespin with renewed motivations and desire to train and to learn.

In the system of the universe containing Lvcam, there is another planet called Katan Akh. On thins planet, radical religious factions began to protest to government, claiming the right to a section of land they deemed as holy. The government denied, which sent the factions into a violent state. The religious groups rallied their followers, built an army, and moved from town to town with destruction in their wake. The government responded with no mercy. The population was caught in the crossfire and war raged on.

Some of the same religious groups were present on Lvcam, and they decided to pursue the actions by their partners on Katan Akh. The government on Lvcam attempted diplomacy with the leaders until one meeting when the Religious Representative for the Demoade Sect assasinated the Lvcamanian Representative. The govenment of Lvcam declared war. To combat the radical and ruthless forcess, they institued a call that four of ever five able bodied men be selected to join the army. Refusal to do so was punishable by death. Kishon was one of the men selected. He left for Lvcam that night, not knowing what would become of him.

He arrived on Lvcam with a small amount of belongings he thought would be useful. He was herded into a massive training facility with thousands of other enlisted men. The men were assigned to ranks, squadrons, and finally, divisions. Kishon was assigned into the So Hai rank, the Shio Tamen squadron, and the Miyamoshen Division. There were fifty other men is his division. After this he was engaged in military basic training until he was ready for departure.

The religious factions occupied a small portion of land at the base of a mountain range in Lvcam. The mission of the Miamoshen Division, as well as hundreds of other divisions, was to occupy this enemy mountain base and rescue as many civilians as possible. Here Kishon encountered the severity and harshness of war. He saw terrible things that would haunt him for a while. It was difficult for him not to be consumed by the war, but he remembered his training and the power of the Force and he did his best to remain grounded. One of the things he struggled with the most was the hate of his enemy. He fought hard against this hate. He and the other soldiers fought hard, and with passion, until they completed their mission. They took the enemies’ hold at the mountain base and rescued hundreds of civilians.

This defeat encouraged the religious leaders to engage peace talks with the Lvcam government, before they lost the war completely. Kishon was put on extended leave while the peace talks ensued, and was allowed to return home. He resumed his training with happiness and continued down the path towards becoming a Jedi Knight.

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