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Kira Alde

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: New Alderaan

Mentor(s): Motoko Isawa

Species: Human


Born on New Alderaan to house Alde, one of the noble houses to have survived the historic destruction of Alderaan, a devastating event that demonstrated the former Galactic Empire’s destructive power. Such an event is considered important for all children of New Alderaan, Kira Alde was no different.

By the age of six her parents, Raynar and Sera, had begun to mould her into what they hoped would be a great member of their proud house before the arrival of something considered very rare in the wake of the last war, a Jedi Master by the name of Wrennin Vae. He explained that Kira was Force Sensitive and had the potential to become a Jedi herself. Her parents, while disappointed to learn their wonderful daughters future lay elsewhere.

Their departure was delayed while the Jedi Master tended to other affairs and Kira, along with her parents soon discovered that Sera was expecting another child, thus all hope was not lost for her parents, they would get to raise a child as they had always wanted and promised Kira that they won’t forget her. A tearful goodbye to her parents followed and soon she was on Ossus.

A year passed by as she studied and trained as an Initiate before a huge announcement rocked the order, the High Council had been reformed, a new Grand Master at its head. But that wasn’t all, meeting with Kira in private, Wrennin informed her that she was to transfer to Rannon to continue her training and to prepare her things while he returned to Rannon, to settle matters related to the new Council formation.

Soon he returned to collect her and together they departed, Kira brimming with both anxiety at what awaited but also hope, the one thing her parents had always taught her was most important when facing the unknown.