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Kir Darnic

Kir Darnic
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Balmorra

Mentor(s): Trin Oniron

Species: Weequay


Kir Darnic is a 10 year old, male Weequay born on what believes to be Balmorra. He lives there with his parents, who are not Weequays. However, Kir doesn’t know anyone else as his parents. He lives there with no brothers or sisters in a middle class household.

His family working in the arms industry as it is Balmorra’s major export. His father as manager of one of the arms factories and her mother help designing new weapons. Something Kir wanted to follow in the future.

At school, Kir did well in reading, writing and gym classes, but not so well with math. He did have a few friends which he played with regularly. Though his circle of friends was quite limited due to his appearance as a Weequay, which did give him some trouble at times.

His house was an appartment situated in Bin Prime, Balmorra’s capital city. It’s several kilometers away from school and about 25 from his parents’ workplace.

Kir and his parents found one day a robed indevidual at their doorstep. The man told their family about Kir’s Force Sensitivity. After much talking, the Jedi took Kir with him to Dantooine.

During about a year here, Kir was Initiated. But much to his disappointment, he was transferred before he could learn anything besides basic sparring rules and moves, and having to leave his friends behind. The latter being something that made him beg to the council to keep him there. His request was denied and he was sent to the Rannon Praxeum.