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Kih Bu

Kih Bu
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Camooine

Mentor(s): MagSul Deruyter

Species: Kel Dor

Padawan(s): Serris K'Ral


Languages: Galactic Basic | Kel Dorian


259.05 ABY – Birth Date.

264.14 ABY – Initiated in the presence of the Dantooine Council.

269.27 ABY – Apprenticed to MagSul Deruyter.

277.31 ABY – Knighted in the presence of the Dantooine Council.

278.?? ABY – Following the Mandalorian invasion of Dantooine, Kih Bu joins Coruscant branch.

289.03 ABY – Kih Bu joins the Alzoc III branch of the Jedi Order.

289.23 ABY – Selected First Padawan Learner: Serris K’Ral.

296.07 ABY – Serris K’Ral resigns from the Jedi Order.


On 306.28 ABY, Kih Bu departed Alzoc III. He remains an active member of the Jedi Order, and currently resides on Dantooine.