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Khátla Merie

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: New Cloud City

Mentor(s): Oberon Pentari

Species: Togruta

Padawan(s): Mirkal


In her infant years, Khatla a young Togruta spent her time with both parents in Cloud City. The life she lived there wasn’t a particularly safe one, as her small family had been on the run ever since she had been born. By coincidence they had a run in with a man of the Jedi order, they were kept safe from harm. Atleast for the time being. The man recognized a connection to the force from the child, promising average performance and potential in the future if handled with care. Seeing it as the best way of keeping the child safe, he offered to have it taken off the parents of Khatla’s hands. Of course both of her parents began to think the worst things, that this man was a mere fraud trying to kidnap their child for blackmailing.

The young Togruta’s life took a turn for the worst when both her parents gave up on her at the age of four, having her sent to her uncle on the distant planet Lan Barell. She would grow up with the warm hearted Iron miner, in his care for the next ten years, until a tragic accident would separate Khatla from her uncle, after his leg was crushed and rendered useless. Without money for a prosthetic, and no means to earn some. Her uncle was left with no choice but to reveal to her after so many years what he had heard from his sister. Khatla was absolutely livid, knowing her uncle planned to leave her in the care of the Jedi order, rather than letting her stay with him to help him when he needed it the most.

Eventually giving into his demands, she took off world on a troublesome journey back to cloud city in hopes of finding this mystery man, or someone equivalent to the one in the assumed fairytale. Though as fate has it, the very same Jedi from all those years back then would find her, telling her of a feint vision he had one day. Khatla’s only wish now was to atleast make her uncle proud, if he was still alive that was and had not died from an infection or worse. Now her ambitions were focused on reaching that new goal. Joining the Jedi order, and excelling at it.

325.03 ABY – While only having brandished her title of knight at the Alzoc III enclave for short while. Khatla Merie decided to move onwards to expand her horizons, by transfering to the service corp where she believed herself to be of better use. The transfer would take place for an indefinite amount of time, and whether or not she would ever be back is veiled in uncertainty.