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Kha Rae


Homeworld: Dorin

Species: Kel Dor


The Rae family had a home in a higher wealth section of the capital. Kha’s father worked as a marketing manager for an air speeder manufacturing company. While his mother organized trade agreements and negotiations for the sane company. Almsot as soon as Kha was able to speek. His father, Vuhs noticed that Kha was acting preemptively. He would move suddenly, then things would fall were he was standing. Walk around the house and say “Wain! Wain Daddy.” But it wouldn’t rain for another 5 minutes.

Kha’s grand parent frequently told Pip and Vuhs that they need to contact a Jedi. But the two knew what doing so would mean. So they used excuses like “This sort of thing isn’t that rare for the Kel Dor, right?”

By the age of four Kha’s abilities were showing more and more. With frequent night mares and black outs, his parents sought out many doctors. None of them could help Kha. So his parents gave in and used their connections to arrange a meeting with a Jedi. One from Ossus arrived and tested the boy. The parents were informed of what is to be expected and agreed that the Jedi take their son to be trained.

On Ossus, Kha encounter many unique Jedi. He spent his early years like most young members of the order, shoulders deep in study and meditation. But then he was asked to transfer to the enclave on Rannon. And there it was that he continued his training.