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Keth Flynn

Keth Flynn
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Atzerri

Mentor(s): Dev Kai

Species: Human/Epicanthix

Padawan(s): Aiden Kezeron, Yelana Al'blis


Keth is a young hybrid, half human half Epicanthix, from Atzerri. He is a very dynamic boy and cannot stand seeing people in distress, running up to them immediately. He can also become very curious. On the other hand, he can quickly change from one mind state to another, depending on the situation. It does involve emotional outbursts, even if rare, he knows he could become very aggressive, a hatred residing within only waiting to be bursted out, one of the reasons he lives so far away from whom he hates.

Keth never had real hobbies, apart from playing the swordsman with fake blades, climbing the trees, adventuring out of his home and observing the wild life around him. He always was alone since his parents vanished at the age of seven, he was rejected from society and had to survive on his own, stealing from the people. He was abandoned, he felt abandoned. Only darkness could be seen around him. But it escalated when an old relative of his came to him one day. He revealed himself as Odai, what seemed to be the radiant light vanishing the darkness in the boys’ eyes. The man seemed to be around 50 years old. Keth always was afraid of seeing people discovering the location of his home, rather far from the civilisation, but this one; he wasn’t afraid of him. It was like he emanated a sort of welcoming aura, and he couldn’t avoid his always wide smile either as he was introducing himself. Keth knew he could trust him. He looked familiar, a feeling he couldn’t ignore even if he wanted to.

The two started to live together and Keth probably was ten years old at this point. He was taller than the average human and was a bit straightforward on the matters growing up; those, Odai noticed. Because Keth never went to school, Odai took the responsibilities. He would always come to Keth in his poor looking abandoned home and as the time went, it started to look better. Keth knew he wasn’t only looking out for him and that he was really busy out there, thinking he probably wasn’t the only person he was looking out for; like his parents, for example.

Odai never lied to him, but never told him the truth either. Only a part of it, one day. Keth’s parents are Jedi, as well as Odai. Odai too ? He found out after some time, himself. He was too curious about his parents; probably the reason why he forgot to ask Odai. But Odai was too confident in himself and almost forgot Keth could perceive the difference between the common and the special, especially when living like he did.

He told Keth about the Jedi; what they were, their principles and their goal, out of nostalgia. He couldn’t stop talking. The boy listened in admiration and contemplation, taking it all in, he couldn’t believe he was a child of two Jedi. At this point, the boy knew what he wanted to do. Odai told him his mother is human, with bright blue eyes. His father is Epicanthix, a tough one and very tall; said Odai. Keth asked him how he knew about his parents, Odai told him he always knew them just like he knows Keth. When he asked him where they could be, Odai’s smile vanished, telling him he could not answer that question. Keth didn’t dare to insist. Odai was totally closed on himself, wishing Keth to continue on his boring homework instead. Maths, he never liked it.

As the days went, Keth grew tired of this life. He always looked upon the horizon since Odai talked to him. The old Jedi sensed Keth’s attunement with the Force and his lingering expectations. He knew what the boy only wanted. At the age of ten, Odai asked Keth if he was ready for the travel he waited so long. The old Jedi thought nothing else could happen, but he had a feeling. A comfort on trusting the Force with his nephew.

So they flew away far from the Inner Rim on a journey towards a planet named Alzoc III, where Keth would start a whole new life with his new family that is the Jedi Order. For that to happen, he knew he had to change. The real Keth eventually would surface, a joyful and concerned one, eager to learn and to show his so-called potential to the others. He would be welcomed because he is special like the ones residing in this special temple. Acceptation what the first thing he strived for, as he always felt alone. Keth was excited, and he had all the reasons to be.


326.22 ABY – Keth Flynn’s arrival.

327.21 ABY – Keth Flynn is initiated.

329.03 ABY РKeth Flynn is promoted to Novice.

329.06 ABY – Keth Flynn is taken as Dev Kai’s Padawan Learner.

346.09 ABY – Keth Flynn is promoted to Jedi Knight.