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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Mentor(s): Rash Loist

Species: Chistori

Padawan(s): Amoné Fayden, Jerex Sol


Kenta is a Chistori born on Nar Shaddaa, his father a capable and skilled but, not well known Chistori mercenary, bounty hunter and in even fewer circles, slaver. His mother, another Chistori who through a fight was defeated and enslaved by his father and from then on was completly at his mercy. the “Family” resided in Nar Shaddaa where Kenta’s father based his work and operations from, and where many a memory would be in pieces for Kenta from Traumatic moments caused by his father, directly involved or otherwise.

from a young age Kenta’s father would occasionally have a talk with him in a room filled with targets and dummy’s where one could practice their aim or close quarters combat, He would often preach things such as “Survival of the Fittest” how one could only “Rely on two things, their own mind, and their own body.” He would train Kenta in the basics of fighting with a blaster and a sword and staff, but only the basics, his father did not want someone suddenly capable of exacting revenge on behalf of their mother after all, and who more capable of such than someone of his own kind.

Years would pass, his father, more irritable, more violent, and more often, targeting Kenta’s mother. Kenta’s mother, more irritable, often sharp tongued , but unlike Kenta’s father, possessed a good head on her shoulders and knew she couldn’t have Kenta only training to fight, while neccessary, being trained by a respected warrior was one thing, being trained by this madman was another and the things they had to go through because of him would eventually be their complete undoing, she knew people, good people or, at least as good as one could be on Nar Shaddaa. She would speak to one of the people who proved friendly to her, Tar’don Doroturo a Twi’lek who on the official side of things, constructed hologram projectors and objects to store the data on, unofficially he dealt with weapons that consisted of projected energy, weather it be at range or part of a blade though he would not touch lightsabers after a nearly disastrous outcome occured years ago when tinkering with one brought to him by a mercenary, that and it isn’t exactly a good idea to make an enemy out of the jedi order. Tar’don would teach Kenta how to tweak images, change the colors projected, the range it could project, how to construct the projector itself. Kenta would find this distraction enjoyable, something he could do and not have to worry about the problems back home.

more time would pass, and his father ever more violent as time passed would teach Kenta a bit more of how to fight, however as the years gone by, the bounty hunter would acquire something he would not want, a bounty on -his- head, after one too many barfights, fights with law enforcement and even with other mercenaries and bounty hunters, someone saw it fit to post a reward for his capture or death. A bounty hunter one night snuck into the hideout and find himself right in front of kenta, with a smirk he would slowly walk up to kenta, taking a vibroblade off his back, kenta, backing up found the staff he trained with nearby and picked it up backing up defensively, at that point Kenta’s father suddenly comes from a nearby room shoving kenta hard into the nearby wall and proceeds to gut the intruder with his own vibroblade. This memory would continue to haunt Kenta as nights passed. One day Kenta’s mother and father had a rather violent argument which led to a fight, his father however was armed with a vibroblade and gave her a rather deep cut down the arm, around this point Kenta screamed for them to stop, at the same time some of the loose objects on tables suddenly flew toward them, ellicting a rather suprised look from the two, even fearful though Kenta would not immediatly find out as his father proceeded to beat him for such actions. his mother however knew what it was, stories of such powers from different people and archived data. furthermore the fight proved to be the last straw, that night Kenta’s mother snuck out with him and to Tar’don’s shop to let him know, they were going to escape, Tar’don who himself hated the man nodded giving them coordinates to several places they could potentially hide in. the two would go to the private hangar where his father kept a couple ships, and took a large modified freighter. they would then take off. Kenta’s mother overheard a brief conversation about a place on Mon Calamari with jedi spotted on a structure, Mon Calamari was good and far and with Kenta’s father soon to persue, she could atleast give him a chance to be safe from him. The trip at times seemed to take forever, and at other times, they seemed to be making good progress, the thought of having a now wanted bounty hunter chasing them with what would probably eventually be death looming, more than likely had a part in the ever random change of thoughts on their progress. Eventually they entered the atmosphere finding the landing pad, Kenta’s mother would give him a data disc with a hologram image in the data explaining the situation and her thoughts on Kenta’s sudden outburst during that fight, but most of all, a request to take care of him.