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Kelsa Marr


Homeworld: Nar Kreeta

Species: Mirialan


The story begins in the bustling, mineral rich city of Tenor, Mirial. Kelsa’s parents, Ando and Carrea, were sweet on each other from a young age. For a long time they struggled, travelling all over Mirial in search of work that would suit their lifestyle, ideal living conditions, and the perfect place to raise a family. However, they would struggle even more with the arrival of their son, Dago in 415ABY. The parents loved their son, but his arrival meant putting off their departure for some time more. Eventually, Ando Marr had had enough of Mirial and it’s cold desert, he borrowed some credits from his parents (who never actually intended to ask for them back) and moved his family to Nar Shaddaa.

The Marrs quickly regretted this decision, as the dingy city life and rampant criminal presence on the moon was a worrying influence on their young son. The couple spent some more years in gathering the means to escape for the good life once again, reaching the planet of Nar Kaaga. Although better than where they had came from, the cold and swampy lands were Ando’s constant reminder of the life they had decided to leave, Carrea’s recent pregnancy being the reason they would have to stay.

Finally, the year of 425ABY brought the birth of their beloved daughter Kelsa, and the blessing to seek refuge elsewhere. A year later, the Marr family found themselves unpacking their belongings for a final time, in a semi-desolate corner of Nar Kreeta. Ando became the proprietor of a decent sized silk farm, trading its produce and giving some to his wife, who opted to become a tailor, her skilled handiwork selling fairly well at the local markets. The family were making a decent living, even managing to put their children, into education, the life they had so desperately sought was finally in front of them.

Kelsa flourished, each and every day, she was such a bright and curious child, however her older brother, Dago, was quite clearly the opposite, and it was soon evident that he was a lost cause, when his parents learned that he had began taking spice during school hours, and even stealing credits from his mother to fund this habit! Eventually, he abandoned his family to join a small time spice gang during 433ABY, giving the Marr parents more credits to put into Kelsa’s education and development, but it was soon evident that Kelsa’s heart lay with the creatures of the galaxy, spending as much of her free time with her fathers Silk bugs, offering to help out with every opportunity she had.

When not in school (or curled up with the Silk bugs), Kelsa’s mother, Carrea, would take her with her during market days, to help organise stock, but mostly to teach the girl how business works. Despite the plan, Carrea would always catch her daughter flitting from shop to stall, quizzing traders on the gestation period of Rancor Beasts, or the most healthy and efficient way to feed Eopies, petting and examining each creature she came across.

It was during one of these busy market days, when Kelsa was attempting to round up some Gizka for the 2635th time that week, she noticed a stranger robed man approach her mothers shop. Curious about the stranger, but focused on the task at hand, she tried to keep an eye on the conversation her mother was having, but before she could realise, the man had disappeared into the bustling crowd. “Who was that?” She asked her mother, scuffed up from rolling around with the critters. Her mother spun round, seeming to dry her eyes, but with a wide smile on her face, “oh my sweet child, just when your father and I couldn’t think life could get any better!” The aged Mirialan explained to her daughter about the Watchman’s intentions, and what this opportunity meant for Kelsa. She moaned and protested that she didn’t care about lightsabers, she just wanted to live with her creatures in peace! “Kelsa, you have already been chosen, it is done. This power is inside you and it’s necessary that you learn about it, and yourself.” With a little more pushing, she finally gave in, despite it not being her choice.

The goodbyes were brief, as Kelsa mostly kept to herself, emotional with her family, but she spent the longest with the Silk bugs, whom she had grew up with. It quickly came to the day of dropping her off at the Spaceport. Teary eyed, and clutching the stuffed Mancor Lynx she was given at birth, Kelsa said her final goodbyes to her proud parents.

Today was the day her life changed forever……