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Kelisea Sinan

Kelisea Sinan
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Corellia

Mentor(s): Nayla Farwick

Species: Human


Born in the Corellian capital ‘Coronet City’, Kelisea Sinan grew up with both parents at her side. While growing up, she proved to be quite a handful given her energetic personality, showing a quite a fondness for learning, she was quick to take in new and diverse concepts introduced to her.

However it became rather clear from an early age, that she weren’t exactly like other girls at her age. Possessing an unnatural foresight for someone that young, capable at times of predicting simple outcomes in certain situations during spurs of the moment. While not an impossible occurance from time to time with children, she had done so through subtle communication from the day she had a level of basic comprehension. As fate would have it, this came to the attention of the jedi order several years later. Upon getting a visit from an elderly Chagrian Master from the temple on Ossus, Aiwhé had traveled the galaxy led my premonitions of his own. He was granted a cycles rest at the family’s home, veiled as a wayward traveler and so he had gained their trust for the moment.

As the days passed, he kept a close eye on the young girl of the household. And much to his surprise, he found they shared similar prowess however with a drastic gap in terms experience with it of course. When the cycle came to an end, he finally unveiled his secret for Kelisea parents, who were starstruck with surprise. Her stated his desire to take the child with him, with their consent of course so her yet untapped potential could be refined with them back at the temple. While Kelisea parents weren’t fond of the idea of letting their only child go, after much debate it was settled. Kelisea Sinan were to undergo various tests, which she passed.

However just how far her potential spanned was uncertain, and yet the council granted her the chance to train at the temple she held residence at for the time being. As the years went by, she would grow to into a diligent young woman with confidence to spare. And while she was prone to arrogance, the dedicated knights were swift in correcting her. Which eventually lead to her being taken on as the padawan of Master Nayla Farwick. Training under the much older Jedi Knight, Kelisea would often end up on edge with her mentor who was of a very traditional mindset. While they had differing views, Kelisea weren’t incapable of opening up to the knowledge that was offered to her by her elder.

As the years passed, their bond had only grown stronger. However it was clear Kelisea’s Mentor weren’t going to hold out forever, given she was already elderly when she took on the young novice to be her apprentice. She was confident enough in her apprentice however, to forward a recommendation for her to undergo her final trials. While concerned for her students well being, she much like Kelisea herself had perceived them parting ways as just another challenge…

It would be a lengthy process, as the council was quite critical of Kelisea. Facing down her challenges with great amounts of effort, she was fortunate enough to pass the few that were left for her. Nayla Farwick would retire, and her student would take her place. A role which she took upon herself with a great sense of duty, however during the time she spent as a knight at the temple of Ossus. She failed to find a compatible student. Stubborn as she were, she had not given up on passing her mentor’s teachings on.

And so she requested for a transfer, in hopes of finding a suitable student of her own during her travels.