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Kavar Starkiller

Kavar Starkiller
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Tatooine

Mentor(s): Dixo Xan

Species: Human


Born in the city of Mos Eisley on Tatooine, Kavar was raised by his parents who owned a shop in the city. While he was growing up, Kavar learned of the many planets and systems in the galaxy. His family was of the middle-class, which was sufficient enough for him. He learned many things as he grew, like how to see if someone was paying more or less.

At age 4, Kavar started hearing rumors of people with tan clothing and brown robes coming into the city. He became curious about this, but he stayed with his parents anyway. A time passed however, he eventually strayed from home to encounter a man that matched the descriptions he had heard, and wondered what he was doing closed to his home. He returned home to tell his parents about what he saw, and they became worried that he might want to follow him.

At age 7, Kavar started to follow these men secretly, although they usually sensed him and told to go home, which he reluctantly did. He still wondered what they really could do. He would later see this two years later.

One day when Kavar was 9, a man came into the shop and attempted to buy some parts for his ship. However, he did not have enough credits and threatened him and his parents with a blaster. He then shot Kavar’s father in the shoulder, wounding him. Then, the same man Kavar had encountered 5 years ago walked in. He pulled the blaster from the man’s hand, and told him to leave quietly. He then proceeded to heal Kavar’s father. He then told them that Kavar was gifted, as he felt the Force calling him to Kavar. Kavar’s parents then agreed that he could be taken to be trained as a Jedi.

Kavar was Initiated some time after his 10th birthday, and learned a lot from the Masters, Knights, and even Padawans of the Order. He trained much harder from that point on. Some cycles after his 13th birthday, he became a Padawan under Jedi Master Dixo Xan. He resides at the Jedi Temple today, continuing his learning as Master Xan’s Padawan, and going further along his path as a Jedi.

Kavar has changed a bit over the years, as he is now a bit more serious on things, and when trouble brews, he comes to it’s attention whenever he can, and does what he can, depending on the situation. He is still a bit playful, however. He has much knowledge on the past, the Force, and using a lightsaber. He still aspires to know more about other things too.