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Kantha Maitri

Kantha Maitri
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Alpheridies

Mentor(s): Nastajja Arren, Syrena Exan, Sebastin Creed

Species: Miraluka


Kantha was born on Alpheridies. his mother was a hopeful artist and had returned from Corellia after a few years of trying to promote her works. His dad was a farmer and owned a small property, he took up artisan as a hobby but he spent most of his time working the fields. his parents met each other one day during the festival of the new year, they wedded later that year.

Kantha’s mother died during childbirth due to complications. As a result, he grew up with his farther, his farther had gotten a part time job to help pay for the expenses and the needs of his son. Kantha was an average student at school. he was quite shy and found it hard to open up to others which made it unenjoyable for him. he didn’t spend a lot of time outside home, he sometimes felt isolated with his father’s regular absence from home and his dad realised this. several years later Kanthar’s father was forced into retirement due to illness rendering him unable to work making it harder for him to raise Kantha alone. He had wondered about whether it would be possible to send Kantha to the jedi order. Having nothing more that he could give to his son, he decided to send him off to the jedi enclave in hopes they could provide a better life for him. Reluctant but willing, Kantha packed his belongings and took the shuttle off to Coruscant to be reviewed by the Jedi Order. Shortly after arriving, he made his way to the Jedi Temple…