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Kalo Ryfer


Homeworld: Mantooine

Species: Human


Kalo was born on planet Mantooine in Outer Rim. He was son of Marry and Jake Ryfer. His parents were simple farmers, making enough money, so they could live on that forgotten rock. But one day luck smiled upon young Kalo… When he was nine years old, one ship had to make an emergency landing on their field. Ship appeared to have minor engine malfunction, but still, it forced pilot to land on planet surface. Because Ryfer family were simple, but careful people, Jake ran out, holding old, rusty blaster rifle… For his relief, ship was piloted by Jedi Knight, maybe people on Mantooine weren’t really educated, but most of them knew, who Jedi are. Ryfer family provided help, and shelter for Jedi Knight, who introduced himself as Zenon Volk. After few days, that Jedi spent on repairing his ship, it was finally ready to fly again… But before Zenon boarded ship, he told Kalo’s parents, that he sensed Force sensitivity in him, and he could take child to the Ossus temple, to see if he can make a Jedi out of him. After a long chat between Jake and Marry, they decided to let the Jedi take their child, it will be better for Kalo to leave forgotten planet like Mantooine. After short farewell Zenon took the child onto the ship, and took off, heading to Ossus, his primary destination.
After landing and short chat Kalo never met Zenon again. It took few months, before boy was initiated into Jedi Order on Ossus. But then his training begun, he tried as hard as he could, trying not to waste opportunity that fate gave him, and become true Jedi. For three years Kalo was training under watchful eye of Jedi Knights… Until one day. Master Galdo Hix took Kalo with bunch of other students on a field trip, to the another planet, Kushibah. Kids, excited about travel and opportunity to see other planet didn’t knew what would happen in next hours… Just few hours after their landing on planet’s surface Ossus Temple was attacked by Mandalorian forces.
Without any place to hide Galdo travelled with Kalo and rest of students through galaxy, stopping from time to time on different planets to refill their supplies… Until Galactic Senate removed banishment of Jedi Order. Master Hix took all students to Coruscant Temple, where they could finally take rest from their long journey. But Kalo’s travel didn’t ended there… After few cycles spent on Coruscant, Council decided to transfer boy to further planet. Freshly finished Alzoc III enclave was boy’s new destination.