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Kallan Reu

Kallan Reu
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Ossus

Mentor(s): Meysu*, Xin Okata

Species: Miraluka



Kallan was born on Ossus in the year 383 ABY. He is the offspring of two Miraluka that settled down on Ossus as members of the Jedi Edu-Corps, both had been members of the Order prior to choosing to leave to establish a family. The two would continue to work at the local academy in Knossa, one as a teacher and the other as a researcher.

By time Kallan’s birth, the two had already decided to submit him to the Jedi Temple for testing, having previously had a child a couple of years prior. Despite turning away from the Path of the Jedi, the two opted to give the boy a chance of finding his own path with the Jedi, seeing it as one of the better places for him in the galaxy.

The process was not immediate; the two decided to wait a couple of years to spend time with their child. It was at the age of four that they took the journey to the Jedi Temple, and from there he was accepted into their care.


Kallan would undertake basic lessons on maths, the basic language and sciences alongside other students of a similar age group. Lightsaber practice came later, something that wasn’t considered an interest of his. Kallan spent more time meditating and desiring the practice of the Force than partaking in the physical aspects of the Jedi Way.

It caught the attention of Master Meysu, a native Ysanna that had taken to the Jedi Order. Seeing Kallan’s reluctance to take part in lightsaber combat and arts, she took the time to tutor him personally. By the time he turned eight, Meysu petitioned to take Kallan as her apprentice, with both the approval of the Council and Kallan’s approval, the two had been paired.

The Void

The following two years were spent easing Kallan into the lightsaber arts while keeping his focus on what Master Meysu considered his strong suit; his senses and natural aptitude for that particular tree of abilities, given his species. The two had bonded, Kallan was not often seen from his Master’s side, this remained true up until 395.06 ABY.

The growing threat of the Void had reached Ossus; both Kallan and his Master were close to the site of the attack. The booming explosion that claimed many lives, claimed that of his Master, Kallan being one of the fortunate few to survive. The attack, however, left him broken; the presence of the void stripped him of his sight, his body wounded by the attack, all proved too much for him to bear, he had slipped into a coma.

Eight months down the line Kallan awoke in the confines of the Temple’s medical wing, his sight had been restored due to the absence of the void, alas, he was no worse for wear. Time was spent to rehabilitate Kallan, after several months he was considered ready to undertake light duties. Closing onto the year’s anniversary of the attack, the Council decided to send Kallan to another Temple to continue his training, as he proved to struggle to adapt to a life without his mentor, the Temple a constant reminder of what had happened.